Anti-Cheating Software: All You Need To Know in 2022

Cheating is not a local but a global issue in today’s examinations, tests, professional assessments, and personal achievements. According to The Times, there are annually about 50,000 cheating cases at British universities alone, and this number is growing each year. No wonder, the most typical question in Google search is “how to cheat on an online exam”. 

We face cheating every day and, obviously, something should be done about that. Of course, there already exist numerous anti-cheat solutions on the market, but just a few of them sufficiently resist the current problem and simplify the assessment process. In this article, we will try to shed light on them and give a brief overview. 

Anti-Cheating Strategies

COVID-19 significantly increased the importance of online education and working processes overall. Recruiting, researching, management, and other vital spheres are now nearly impossible to imagine offline. Yet, it’s nearly impossible to detect cheating online. No pun intended. 

That just being said, many organizations began adopting modern technologies to solve this problem and spot every attempt of cheating during an assessment prosses. Actually, employing ML applications can help you identify the most common cheating methods (using mobile phones, tablets, books) as well as detect unnatural postures, head rotation, or assistance from other people. With that, most of these applications can be customized to customers’ needs and unique requirements. Integration to eLearning platforms is also possible.

Who May Benefit From Anti-Cheating Software?

With a growing demand for an effective cheating solution, many organizations may highly appreciate high-quality anti-cheating software. Here are the main industries where anti-cheating apps are needed: 

  • Schools and Universities;
  • Recruiting companies;
  • Licensing and Certification Сenters;
  • Researchers;
  • Online examination companies.

Assistance for Educators

The supervisor’s working process is rather complicated and requires great attention. And that’s why anti-cheating programs can come n great handy for tutors. Agree that having an “external helper” that can detect any cheating attempt is half the battle won. 

In a word, the anti-cheating application can help:

  • Prevent cheating cases during all types of exams. 
  • Іmprove the quality and standards of the online assessment.
  • Аutomate the assessment control process.
  • Make control over a big audience easier.

Extra Help for Human Resource Management Research

Human Resource Management Research is typically employed to estimate the HR overall performance. A well-qualified analysis is a routine process of collecting and analyzing data. That’s why an anti-cheating application can:

  • Fix any deviant behavior;
  • Make the research analysis more objective;
  • Work with a big audience simultaneously,
  • Make data-keeping more user-friendly,
  • Decrease research budgets.

Assistance for Recruiters

Successful hiring involves aligning a company’s requirements with a candidate’s needs. As a researcher, recruiters do their best to find the best candidate for a specific position. With an anti-cheating app, the recruiter will be able to:

  • Test multiple candidates at the same time;
  • Track cheat during testing;
  • Minimize the bias and subjectivity of the assessment;
  • Fix deviant behavior in an interview.

How Does an Anti-Cheating App Work?

Based on ML technology, anti-cheating applications provide secure protection from any violatıon in human behavior. More precisely, anti-cheating software is capable of performing:

Вehavior Analysis

A well-qualified anti-cheating application provides accurate measurement and analytics of a person’s behavior during an exam, shopping, or other activities based on AI. 

Eye Tracking

Following information such as pupil position, the gaze vector for each eye, and gaze point, the application detects a person’s presence and follows what they are looking at in real time.

Voice Recognition

The AI algorithms can recognize voice changes and capture those changes instantly. 

Person Identification

The anti-cheating application’s algorithms can identify a person and report if there is more than one person in front of the screen or if there is a couple of people switching between each other.

Detection of “Forbidden” Items

AI algorithms recognize and report prohibited items, such as laptops, mobile phones, books, paper, and pens.

Detailed Report

The anti-cheating application reports suspicious behavior and all strange incidents in real-time. All the reports are kept on the cloud-based system, and any team member can get access to them whenever they want.

CheatOut App

The great news is that the dedicated Solvve team has created an all-around anti-cheating application – CheatOut which boasts all the useful features mentioned above. So, by using it, you have all the chances to protect exams or tests from cheating.

How Does It Work?

The CheatOut application created by our team enables educational organizations to:

  • Conduct online assessments via smart digital invigilation methods in secure conditions;
  • Prevent cheating during examinations;
  • Find out if the candidate uses the Internet to get answers;
  • Flag the prohibited items and the presence of strangers in the room during exams;
  • Keep a large audience under control regardless of place and time;
  • Monitor students’ activities and prevent any suspicious activity;
  • Conduct assessments without the active participation of proctors;
  • Monitor examinations in real-time or via video recordings;
  • Customize tasks and track the behavior that you are interested in;
  • Easily integrate the app into most educational platforms via an API;
  • Use the application both online and offline. 


Anti-cheating program implementation surely offers numerous benefits for supervisors during reviews, exams, or any other similar processes. So, if you’d like to save your time, effort, and mental health, let CheatOut do all the hard work for you. Just contact us to find out more about the CheatOut app and, probably, integrate it into your company’s system for a successful business flow.