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How to Choose the Best Odoo Developer? Top Tips in 2022

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Odoo is one of the best open-source ERPs worldwide. It’s a helpful solution for companies due to its flexibility to customize, scale, and integrate third-party applications into a company’s IT system. How to integrate the Odoo system painlessly? How to choose the best Odoo developer for your business requirements? What qualities should an Odoo developer have to avoid any possible risks with data integration? What challenges does a developer face when developing an Odoo application? All these questions we’ll cover in the following article.

The Odoo ERP system currently has two available editions, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise, to satisfy different business needs such as project management, business analysis, customization without developments, training, and providing minimum-affiliated services. 

The Odoo Enterprise version cannot be “bought.” It is available by subscription only. If you don’t pay annually for the subscription, you won’t be able to use that Odoo version. Developers working with Odoo Enterprise are constantly working on the module upgrade, making new versions more adjustable for each field, such as e-Commerce, Accounting, Sales, etc. Most of our developments focus on improving existing modules, not new apps. If your company employs the Enterprise version, you’ll get qualified help from the official Odoo partners.

The Odoo Community version is free, so a company can buy a set of modules that are required precisely in a particular field. The developer of the Community version is liable for the modules’ integration into the company system, correction of data transmission, and well-qualified permanent support of the Odoo development. The Odoo Community benefits from the improvements made on Odoo Enterprise because, with the new version of the Enterprise, the Community version also gets modifications to the specific modules. 

Why is it so vital to hire a well-skilled Odoo developer? 

A software Odoo developer should have creative and technological aptitudes for designing software programs for different business needs. Odoo systems always require special solutions and enable the implementation of unique business requirements. 

In order not to stop any business process while your data is migrating from one version to another or while the data are integrated into the cloud, it’s necessary to hire a dedicated developer who would provide not only a high-quality service but also would be able to discuss any arising issues with the customer and make alterations in time. 

Indeed, the developer proficiency level plays a significant role when hiring a developer, you need to assess the complexity of the work  carefully. For instance, a Junior developer can’t implement the same things as a Senior one who understands the design patterns, architecture, automated testing, performance, security, etc. 

Support Issues

When implementing a new ERP system, it’s vital to consider the developer support. Here are the most required support goals for the Odoo developers:

  • Detection and study of your company to help you determine challenges, specify your needs, and strategically enforce your Odoo software.
  • Support or creation of distinct developments or customization within your database
  • Track user workout and activity
  • Database migration from other platforms and earlier versions of Odoo
  • Import documents into your new database
  • Consultation on which configurations to apply inside of a module or your Odoo database
  • Upgrades to the latest version of Odoo with secure backups of your database
  • Daily support and assistance with Odoo, ask questions and get answers directly from your company’s designated consultant team.
  • Odoo project monitoring
  • Code customization
Odoo developer uses three monitors.

Developer Working Process 

Developers work directly with the customer or under an Odoo consultant. The Odoo consultant can be a representative from the official Odoo service or a well-qualified third-party person. There are two types of Odoo consultants-functional and technical. A functional consultant’s skills assist the client’s business requirements and execute the best possible solution for implementing Odoo products. A technical consultant is the one who handles the Odoo ERP integration part.

Direct Work With The Developer

Direct work with the Odoo developer is rather engaging. A developer can quickly address any problem without going through a third party. Any business process would flow much smoother and faster in such a case.

Yet, this approach could be risky enough because a developer may miss some vital operational elements, and it can cause a decrease in the overall project flow. A developer should thoroughly know the project aspects to avoid such a situation. Therefore we advise you to choose a trustworthy developer who can warrant a well-qualified job. 

Work with An Odoo Consultant

To avoid misunderstandings with a client, an Odoo consultant will supply the best techniques for Odoo and give much more significant value compared to working with just developers. The Odoo consultants usually work with developers to empower complicated tasks while concentrating on the Odoo deployment in your business. 

Consultants provide comprehensive support to the client; thus, a company will have a permanent trustworthy contact for your project.

Anyway, both methods of Odoo development are in demand, and the company management can choose the best option to satisfy all their needs. 

Criteria to Choose Odoo Developer

What features should you look for when looking for the most skillful Odoo developers? We share some critical skills and experiences that perfect Odoo experts must possess.

Odoo Experience

The primary thing you should always look for in a developer is competent knowledge of working with and developing Odoo systems. A well-skilled Odoo developer should have at least 2+ years of experience with a clear plan or must have enough experience installing and configuring the system and developing custom modules and other features without spending too much time. 

Programming Skills

Python is the essential language in such a technology stack. Odoo employs Python as its scripting language, so a vast foundation in Python programming is necessary for Odoo professionals. A lot of Python coding is also required in creating, integrating, or changing modules for the system. 

Odoo employs PostgreSQL (a powerful, open-source object-relational database system with over thirty years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, robustness, and performance) as its database management system. Besides Odoo PostgreSQL, such systems as Odoo MySQL can also be helpful. Such a system can also be integrated as Odoo PostgreSQL.

Understanding of ERP systems and Key Business Processes

Besides having solid technological skills, a well-experienced Odoo developer should also have a robust understanding of the landscape he will be working in. Being a superb programmer is not enough; he should also be able to connect the functions being developed with their real-life circumstances to deliver the best possible experience to the users and business processes.

Multi-monitor work for highly specialized оdoo developers.

Phases of the Odoo System Development


The initial research includes an in-depth investigation of operational processes, company mechanisms, routine process testing, and other criteria. Before implementing Odoo, it’s vital to get feedback from the users and the сlients to understand the critical requirements of the ERP system.


The developers move on with the platform building process, as soon as the platform specifications are considered. The hosting characteristics and additional add-ones required are also taken into account and determine the price of the Odoo.


After the platform has been designed, the intensity of the various parameters and the platform’s high reliability & system stability is widely tested. If something goes wrong and any fault is discovered, the developers make necessary development settings and re-test all the cases again.


Any implementation should be user-friendly anyway. It should be optimized regarding the particular business requirements of the company once the system is ready. Furthermore, the business platform’s operating settings should be configured and optimized effectively.

Sum Up

Considering everything mentioned above, let’s conclude that the Odoo development is complicated enough and demands a notable effort from the company that orders such services and the developer. Contact us to request high-skilled Odoo development and support. We’ll do our best to make your business processes even more smooth!