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How to Engage Your Employees with the Odoo ERP?

Businesses using Odoo ERP often wonder how to boost the overall employee engagement and communication. Low employee engagement is usually caused by miscommunication, underestimating employee performance, or excluding employees from the relevant discussions about critical decision-making.

Intentional or unintentional exclusion of employees based on various discriminations (such as racial, religious, regional, color or language) can also contribute to insufficient employee engagement. In a well-formed workplace with equal rights and norms for every voice heard, employees tend to be more engaged and present new and unique ideas to solve important internal and external issues.

Employee engagement boosts productivity through achieving global team goals. Better employee engagement also leads to better team performance, shifting the business norm from one focused on individual performance to team performance.

Interaction among employees from different departments promotes homogeneity, which reduces workplace stress, a significant cause of early and frequent burnout among employees. Let’s look more in-depth at how to overcome such troubles mentioned above with the help of the Odoo ERP system. 

Odoo Discuss Module

The Odoo “Discuss” Module facilitates sufficient communication among different users of the Odoo ERP. It facilitates communication between colleagues, clients, or any person in the organization. 

The discussion has the facility to manage Group and private chat for better, organized communication. This application is integrated with all other modules in Odoo, which means the user can initiate conversations from any module. 

Since Odoo Discuss is fully integrated with the entire Odoo ERP ecosystem, employees from all departments can easily access Discus and start seamless communication within and outside their respective departments. The uniqueness of the Discuss program lies in its integral integration and communication between modules, which turns all business communication into one big meeting. 

Thanks to the active Discuss module, employees can refer to colleagues and superiors in all areas to ask for help and advice and solve problems of the organization, customers, and suppliers interactively and comprehensively. It can help to eradicate the lack of interaction between employees through the Discus Module by eliminating typical communication latency issues such as waiting for time, unavailability, and communication prevalent in emails, phone calls, and social media.

Many misunderstandings among employees and management, which cause stress and negativity in the workplace, are related to delayed reactions of colleagues and superiors. Odoo can help relieve that stress by allowing companies to communicate in real-time. The magic pill that Odoo ERP offers is the internal and external connections of interior applications.

The connection allows employees to access various relevant issues related to the current project more efficiently and seamlessly. Consider the example of a customer who needs a custom order for a product and a customer service agent who needs his boss’s opinion on the order.

In Odoo ERP, an agent can launch the Discuss Module, point to the hyperlinked order code, and request a quote from the boss. On the other hand, the boss can immediately click on the order link and directly access the order to see the available options for himself. All this activity happens quickly without even leaving Odoo. Prioritizing employee engagement and communication in all business-related matters is the Odoo model.

Employee productivity is the factor that differentiates a high-performing business from a poorly performing one. Unlike similar-sounding words, hard work is not necessarily proportional to high productivity. The difference lies in the amount of work done at a particular time. Through interconnection, all aspects of inventory management, maintenance, leasing, invoicing, accounting, and reporting can be done in one ecosystem of a robust open-source ERP.

Each company and enterprise builds its own organizational culture. The process is often intentional, but sometimes norms and behaviors creep in unintentionally. Through effective employee engagement and communication, such as through Odoo Discuss, cultural values ​​and standards can be instilled in the company, and bad behavior can be weeded out.

Wrapping Up

The Odoo ERP system offers a variety of robust plans with well-designed business applications to meet the needs of an organization’s effective employee engagement and communication strategy. Odoo ERP core standards automatically focus on management-level issues such as unifying the workforce and encouraging employees to behave as a whole rather than as separate units. Contact us to learn more!