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How to Engage Your Employees with the Odoo ERP?

meeting between employees

Businesses using Odoo ERP often wonder how to boost overall employee engagement and communication. Low employee engagement is usually caused by miscommunication, underestimating employee performance, or excluding them from important discussions. Plus, various discriminations (such as racial, religious, regional, color or language) can also contribute to insufficient employee engagement. 

For sure, in a comfortable work environment, with equal rights and norms for everyone, employees tend to be more engaged and suggest unique ideas to solve important issues. In other words, employee engagement can definitely boost productivity, enhance team cooperation and, consequently,  improve a company’s overall performance.  

Interaction among employees from different departments promotes unity, which reduces workplace stress, a common cause of burnout among employees.

Well, you see how important collaboration is. And now let’s check how the Odoo ERP system can help with this.

Odoo Discuss Module

Odoo boasts a unique module – the “Discuss” module that significantly facilitates communication among users using Odoo. That is to say, the Discuss module can not simplify collaboration not only between people within the company but between you and your clients as well. 

The Discussion module allows users to manage Group and Private chats for more organized communication. The Discussion application can be integrated with all other modules in Odoo, which means the users can start conversations from any other module. 

Also, this means that employees from any department can easily access Discuss app and start seamless communication within or outside their departments. In other words, the Discuss app can turn all business communications into one big conversation or “meeting”. 

How can that help? Employees will get an opportunity to refer to their colleagues and superiors to ask for help and advice so as to solve minor problems, issues with customers, etc. With that, typical e-mail/phone latency issues such as unavailability and waiting for a response for too long will be eliminated.

A lot of the misunderstandings among employees and management are caused by delayed reactions of colleagues and superiors. And Odoo Discussion module can help resolve that problem by offering real-time communication. Plus, if you team it with Odoo HMR module,  we bet the results will be amazing. 

How Discuss Module Can Help You with Clients

Just imagine a situation where a customer needs a custom order for a product and a customer service agent needs his boss’s opinion on this order. In Odoo ERP, an agent can simply launch the Discuss Module, send the hyperlinked order code, and request a confirmation from the boss. With that, the boss can immediately click on the link and directly access the order to check the available options. All these activities happen quickly, without a need to leave Odoo. 

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the productivity of employees is what differentiates a high-performing business from a poorly-performing one. And unfortunately, hard work is not necessarily proportional to high productivity. The difference lies in the amount of work done at a particular time. Through smooth cooperation, all aspects of inventory management, maintenance, leasing, invoicing, accounting, and reporting can be done within the shortest time possible, within one ERP ecosystem.

Besides the Discuss module, ERP Odoo offers a wide variety of other well-designed modules to cover the business needs of your company along with enhancing communication strategy. So, if you’d like to improve all your business processes, just contact us and we will find the best solutions for you and provide professional Odoo ERP support.