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How to Make Online Learning More Engaging

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Nowadays, online learning has become an integral part of our life, and engaging students in e-learning is the key to letting them learn effectively and getting the most out of what they’re studying. One of the most successful engagement strategies for online learning is to implement new technologies, offering various learning approaches and opportunities. So, if you’re wondering how to engage students in online learning and make your e-learning app more interactive, keep on reading. 

The Benefits that Tech Can Bring to Learning

Right off the bat, we’d like to state that tech is really opening new horizons for education in numerous ways today. And its infusion with education is inevitable in the nearest future. The main advantages of the use of tech in education include:

No need for a physical presence

eLearning has opened a new world of opportunities where physical presence is not mandatory in the classroom or school. Video conferencing enables students to enjoy the learning process in the comfort of their own home. And all that with the same experience as you would be physically present in the class.

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Blurring the language borders

In a standard situation, a teacher is most likely would use a particular language to explain specific concepts and meanings. But in the e-learning world, teachers have an opportunity to translate just any content online or, at least, pick up movie clips for explaining certain words and scenarios to help students understand the content and hold the attention of the class better. When it comes to software, you can simply develop a multilingual app that would be easily understandable for people in different countries.

Greater access to information

You probably already know how powerful online libraries are. Both teachers and their students can use the internet to get access to the needed book or get the answer to the question they need to solve. 

Learning at a comfortable pace

It’s a proven fact that most students perform better when they can learn at a comfortable pace. Owing to online courses, the impossible is nothing and you can learn at your own pace. So, whether you’re a student, a school learner, a career switcher who works full-time, or just a hobbyist willing to acquire a new skill, we bet you can find something suitable online. 

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Improved personalization

An ability to learn remotely also opens a new world of opportunities for people who live an alternative lifestyle due to their illnesses or other circumstances like war or the severe Covid pandemic. The implementation of new technologies has made it possible to gain serious qualifications online and even receive academic degrees remotely.

Keeping up with the latest updates

As technologies are constantly evolving, it’s quite hard for textbooks to keep up with them. Simply put, printed materials become outdated too quickly. But the situation is completely different when it comes to online resources or apps. They are always relevant and updated. 

Higher efficiency

E-learning also makes it possible for students to get feedback as soon as possible. For example, teachers can arrange an online quiz for the students and provide them with instant results to show their weak and strong sides, thus, eliminating the need to assess and look through each student’s homework. 

Deeper involvement

Finally, we’ve come up to the main trigger. Engagement! The switch from a traditional school/college/university setting to an online platform allows you to embrace much more interactive tools and approaches. You can create more dynamic and interactive media content to attract more students and help them learn faster. Well, what are the most tried-and-true techniques that can motivate students?

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The Best Technologies to Give Online Learning a Boost

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular not only because of the digital Covid-19 era but also because of the flexibility and interactivity it brings. Additionally, students today get to grasp the subject matter much better with video and audio-visuals the e-learning offers. So, if you’re wondering how to keep students engaged in online learning, you may be interested in the following techniques.

Virtual classrooms

If you build a virtual classroom app, it could deliver a host of advantages for both students and teachers, improving the learning experience for everyone involved. For example, learners and their tutors can remain connected even after in-person classes. Rather than scheduling individual sessions that require you to travel back to campus, meeting virtually with your mentor can simplify the entire process and enhance your overall knowledge consequently.

A good virtual classroom should be inviting with every student having an opportunity to ask questions and express his/her ideas. It also should be interesting and encourage students to learn. Plus, the classroom should also be intuitive so that everyone could find recorded lectures, assignments, or study guides easily.

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Implementation of communication platforms

Communication is really important, especially when it comes to online learning. You can implement a communication platform in your virtual classroom or any other app. Depending upon how you’re going to set up your class meetings, this platform can integrate with the lectures where students will have an opportunity to chat and “raise a hand” virtually to ask questions.

Survey platforms

A survey platform is one more useful addition to an engaging online learning app. It can provide immense benefits by providing students and their couches with feedback. Surveys can help learners solicit anonymous opinions on their tutors and the learning experience in the app as a whole. And, as we know, the awareness of the struggles and challenges is half battle won. 

Good content

Naturally, good audio and video content is one more essential aspect of a successful e-learning app. If your video/audio content is interesting but its quality is blurry, then, most likely your students won’t stay concentrated. Ensure that you offer a high-quality experience to your students so that they can stay focused and engaged for longer.

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Interesting assignments 

Both podcasts and videos will allow students to showcase their skills and let their creativity go wild when accomplishing assignments. You may add a voice recording function to your e-learning app or just give an opportunity to share videos through Youtube and podcasts through Soundcloud. Another idea is to submit assignments as blogs (online articles that are less than 3000 words) if the task involves expressing thoughts, not mathematical analysis. You may integrate such free blogging services as WordPress or Weebly.

Integration of AI

One of the simplest ways to boost engagement in online learning and enhance the knowledge of students is to apply a spaced learning approach (also called spaced repetition) based on AI technologies. By adding it to an e-learning app, it’ll adapt to each student’s individual progress and will provide the words they need to repeat, for instance. Another popular application of AI is the addition of chatbot that could address numerous questions while collecting data on the issues students encounter. 


Incorporating gamification elements and interactive activities is a great way to make students enjoy the learning process, and, consequently, learn any topic better. You may add challenging puzzles, problem-solving activities, thought-provoking games, situational judgment scenarios, and the like. All of these are great for students of any age, yet it’s better to know your audience and keep it in mind when creating gamified content. 

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Adding fun elements

Besides games, you can add such activities as collective discussions, quizzes, or debates to pull in even the most “passive” students. This will not only help them hone their problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills but also help them become more collaborative. 

Use rewards for motivation

You can add fun quizzes to track the students’ success and keep them motivated. Your app can include such elements as badges, leaderboards, points, or whatever that can drive friendly competition between the learners and keep them challenged. Anyways, students are more motivated and engaged when they know they have someone appraising their work. So, an online leaderboard of the best performers of the app can be a good idea.  


Online learning really opens brand new opportunities for everyone, allowing for studying just any topic from anywhere in the world. And with all those new technologies, apps can be very engaging and fun. Our team can help you develop an interactive learning app that will help students think outside of the box and inspire them to learn every day. Just contact us and we’ll find the best solution for your needs.