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Odoo ERP System: The Best Way for Business Promotion іn 2022

Benefits that businesses get from Odoo ERP System

Before we begin and tell you what is Odoo ERP system, let’s clarify what it is and why there’s so much noise all around!  

Odoo is an all-inclusive ERP platform that provides a dashboard for all elements of your business. You can manage all the processes efficiently and straightforwardly. This platform unifies all the data across your business and also assists you in recognizing target audience customers and their key issues.   

What does Odoo ERP mean for business?

According to the latest data, about 80 000 businesses worldwide trust Odoo System. Odoo apps improve business operations, including eCommerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, Merchandise management, and many others. Almost all the business fields can work with such a system and standardize principal processes. 

One of the crucial components of ERP System solutions is to automate business operations and run productivity analysis in any business field. In other words, if you feel like making your business more efficient, then you have to think about Odoo ERP implementation!

Which businesses does Odoo suit the best? Small? Medium-sized? Large? 

Corporations of all sizes tend to invest in all-in-one business apps, such as Odoo ERP System, among which many other startups are looking for a piece of the App suite. Just one item all the companies have in common is that they need both great organization and prudent management. 

Speaking about Odoo ERP System necessity, let’s look at the key benefits of its usage in each business size.

Benefits of implementing Odoo ERP in small business

More and more small businesses are using ERP systems and developing day by day. Once an ERP system is performed, it becomes the spine of various business processes and simplifies all the management processes that are crucial for small businesses.

        Data Transparency

A built-in Odoo integrated system ensures each department is handled through its information, decreasing the possibility of any error or discrepancy in the data.

Besides, all departments have equal access to any piece of information. Such a method of data access assists in upholding transparency in the company, reduces the information leakage risk, and minimizes human resource usage.

        Employee Collaboration

Small companies often face the challenge of providing quality communication within and outside the company. It seems challenging to share information and keep the data the same among all users. This problem is so common that even companies with a small number of employees face it. That is, if you do not use technology to formalize interaction within the company, it is possible that you’ll have serious business errors and customer dissatisfaction.

Yet, when a small business implements the Odoo system, it simplifies the information access for all employees and makes communication easier; they can see the overall business process and make the necessary decisions quickly. 

Benefits of implementing Odoo in medium-sized business

A medium-sized business has almost the same rules as a small one. The critical difference is that medium-sized companies need more and more control with the rise of employee numbers and processes. Therefore, the implementation of Odoo brings even more benefits to medium-sized businesses.

        Processes Integration

Well-established processes are essential for any company. Odoo tools help to share information about events, transactions, data, and so on between all business participants in real-time. It helps speed up business processes because, in many cases, making a payment or delivering goods to a warehouse triggers a whole chain of follow-up actions. Therefore, the faster information circulates in the company, the more chances it has to stand on the market.

        Complete Visibility

Absolute visibility of any report, data, and business processes is a reality with the open-source ERP system, Odoo. You’ll be able to operate the resources, manage employee progress, and solve business issues much more carefully. Odoo enables the decrease of report delay and loss of overall effectiveness.

Odoo ERP System modules

Benefits of implementing Odoo in large business

Along with the advancement of the latest technologies, big industries should also be aware of the constantly evolving business requirements. One of the crucial issues of a large business is controlling the vast number of processes. Likewise, customers of the big company can usually be dissatisfied because of a lack of attention to every single problem. Odoo offers excellent solutions to overcome such difficulties.

        Modular System

Мodular system is an another feature separating Odoo from other ERP software. Over 40 base Odoo modules cover many business processes such as Accounting, eCommerce, etc. You can choose the application most suitable to your business and purchase only those you need. The modules work functionally together, making one cohesive ERP system.

         Super Efficiency

ERP software reduces business expenses by optimizing company processes, controlling all the data, and making any expenditures clear. The ERP and SCM integration essentially optimizes workers’ time and effort to perform their tasks with the best result. 

The ERP software also supports company workers to become productive by assisting them in developing more advanced practices for business growth. A unified system taking all the processes under control brings its benefits.  


What can be more vital than client satisfaction? Nowadays, clients expect the best services and secret deals to get what they want as soon as possible. So, CRM is conferring the expert advice that businesses urgently implement. Lower prices and increased company productivity are those things you earn using Odoo. The more structured the industry process, the better the final result and the more significant income.  

How much does Odoo ERP system cost?

Odoo ERP system has two versions: Enterprise and Community. The Enterprise version is payable, and a company must prolong the version support annually with a special price.

The Odoo Community System edition is free to get. It provides entry to the CRM, Project, and many other apps. Companies have access to specific features in Email Marketing, such as easy customer segmentation, updated statistics, customer tracking, etc.

How to implement Odoo system?

The whole implementation process includes merging and deploying the OpenERP system, setting technical expertise, loading data, etc. It does not typically cover software supervision.

The Odoo System implementation price usually contains:

  • Key goal structure building.
  • Choosing a suitable implementation approach.
  • The installation costs.
  • Possible risk evaluation.
  • Implementation of the system into your business.
  • A testing period by the specialists.

Anyway, it’s much better to use Odoo with the trustful partners who are experts in Odoo.

Considering everything mentioned above, let’s conclude that the Odoo system optimizes your business processes and makes them more structured. That’s the fundamental goal we can help with and provide you with high-level service. Contact us to find out how Odoo can serve your business needs and provide you with better future opportunities!