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Odoo Review 2022

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The 2022 year in tech. How was it? Full of digitalization, blockchain, cybersecurity, low-code, AI, and other tech things that Forbes forecasted. And nobody can ignore how these issues are transforming the landscape of business and society. So, if you’d like to understand what the latest tech innovations mean for your company and how to adopt them in order to compete and succeed in today’s turbulent business environment, we hope you’ll find our article about innovations in ERP systems, Odoo in particular, useful. Let’s get started.

Business Tendencies in 2022

As experts predicted at the beginning of 2022, this year CIOs saw nimbler, more adjustable, and more open ERP systems. Open-source ERP systems like Odoo that offer easier and more flexible customization at a lower cost (or no cost at all) than ERP giants, as well as best-of-breed applications like Salesforce and open-cloud architectures like Oracle were predicted to thrive. Why? Because bigger and more cumbersome systems found it difficult to resonate with the new reality. That’s why open-source ERP systems substituted them and became even more popular this year, whereas their functionality continued to expand. And Odoo is a great example

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What’s New? Odoo Updates in 2022

Every year, Odoo experts are doing their best to make each new Odoo version better than the previous one by improving internal functionality and adding a number of brand-new helpful features. The year 2022 was no exception. In October 2022, the company released its quickest and most advanced version – Odoo 16 which boasts a number of improvements and a whole new level of sophistication and performance. And we already see that this edition breaks records since the number of Odoo clients has drastically grown during these months. 

Top Upgrades in Odoo 16 

Odoo 2022 strategy has prioritized performance over new features, so we can say for sure that Odoo 16 is the fastest, the most user-friendly, and the most high-end version out there. Performance improvements include more speed and higher efficiency compared to its predecessors. 

New Module

Speaking about other big changes, it would be fair to begin with the introduction of a new module – Odoo Knowledge. This module allows users to create internal documentation articles and then share them among the employees and the administrator. Actually, it acts like a Knowledge center to distribute information among all the workers within a company to maintain proper communication between all the departments. In the Knowledge module, you’ll be able to:

  • Add images;
  • Create message templates;
  • Add documents about your company’s processes;
  • Add guidelines;
  • Create reports.

What’s notable, you’ll be able to transfer all this info to other modules if needed. And, the best part is that you’ll be able to make it much smoother now. The thing is, in Odoo 16 version, all modules and components took a new, improved shape. Hence, smoother integration and higher efficiency. 

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Other Cool Updates

The other things that users particularly liked about the “updated” Odoo edition are:

  • Unification of promotions, gift cards, and loyalty. Previously, Odoo had different modules for promotions, gift cards, and loyalty. But in Odoo 16, all these features are unified within one module to become much more manageable.  
  • Purchase history from orders. The purchase history is now incorporated into the purchase orders, which enables users to view the previous orders made for the same products.
  • Online appointment and booking. Many users have long waited for this functionality. As an alternative, they used apps like Calendly & Youcanbookme during previous years. No more. Odoo 16 boasts integration with a calendar, which allows your partners to book meetings with you based on your availability. Furthermore, using Odoo 16, you can even propose optimal time slots to your customers and then track what time and date they have chosen. A win-win option for both. No more double-booking.
  • Improved analytical accounting. Analytical accounting moved a step forward as well. The upgraded version now lacks old analytical tags and lets users conveniently distribute the costs and revenues to specific analytical accounts on each transaction. Additionally, users are able to automate the distribution based on the required conditions (customer, product, account, etc).
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Minor Improvements

When it comes to minor changes, we’d like to stress that Odoo’s modules have got a refreshed look. Plus, many more minor features were improved.  For example, a redesigned search view began to conveniently pop up in the dashboard; the bank reconciliation widget was revamped; a new help icon now appears on each field where the developer option is enabled; the chatbot became more advanced featuring a questions and decisions tree. 

Odoo Website is also worth your closer attention. New improvements include:

  • The integration of the backend and front end.
  • The addition of new shipping methods. 
  • Opportunity to rent products directly from the website.
  • The addition of the “reorder” button.
  • The addition of customer notifications for products that got back in stock.
  • The upgrade of the editing platform.
  • Connecting the eCommerce with the Google Places API.
  • Updates of the shipping methods.

In short, Odoo has done quite a lot this year – the latest version became even more user-friendly with the refreshed user interface and really cool new add-on features. And if you’re interested in these features in detail, you’re welcome to listen to Odoo’s founder, Fabien Pinckaers, summarizing the main news in Odoo 16 and answering all types of questions regarding Odoo. Also, you may be interested in the Odoo big data talk from Denis Guillot.

Award ceremony

Bonus Info: The Winners of the Odoo Awards 2022

After two editions of the Odoo Awards Ceremony took place online because of the Coronavirus pandemic, 2022 marked the return of the official offline ceremony where Odoo celebrated their winners’ achievements. And not only the ceremony brought together more than over 12,000 enthusiasts. Odoo organized over 200 interesting talks, conferences, CEO dinners, and concerts for its visitors this October during the Odoo Experience 2022 event. 

Getting back to the Odoo Awards Ceremony, we’d like to emphasize that awards were categorized by region (Europe, Africa, MENA, North America, Latin America, APAC, and India) and there were two awards for each region: Best Starter and Best Partner. Best Starter was awarded to new Odoo Partners, whereas Best Partner was awarded to seasoned partners. 

For those who’re interested in the winners, here is the list of top companies using Odoo in 2022.


Best starter: Sostenia

Best Partner: QubiQ


Best starter:City Art IT Solutions

Best Partner: Plementus


Best starter Americas: TECNICANET

Best Partner Northam: Bista Solutions Inc

Best Partner Latam: Vauxoo


Best starter: PT Thinq Technology Milik Bersama

Best Partner:  Port Cities International


Best starter: Alpha Conseils

Best Partner: Moore Senegal Consulting


Best starter: Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Best Partner: Prixgen Tech Solutions Private Limited


More and more companies rely on Odoo for good reason. Odoo is developing day by day, year by year. And it’s easy to see from the year 2022. Odoo gained even more serious partners.

Odoo modules were empowered by new, exclusive features, and there are many more cool things under development right now.

Undoubtedly, Odoo is now one of the most powerful ERP tools that can pave the way for significant business growth. With Odoo, you’ll get an opportunity to automate your business management and improve customer relationship activities with minimum stress and effort required from you.

So, contact us today to become the best tomorrow! Our experienced team will help you implement Odoo and choose the most optimal modules for your needs.