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SOLVVE at Arab Health 2018

Conference entry at Arab Health 2018

SOLVVE started the new year full of enthusiasm as we have attended Arab Health 2018 in Dubai, one of the world’s largest medical conference. The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is the largest gathering of specialists involved in healthcare. The event takes place in the MENA region annually, bringing together the global leading healthcare manufacturers, tradesmen, companies, and experts.

Here is why we enjoyed being part of the event:

  • Learning about the newest solutions, the essential innovators and influencers.
  • Having an opportunity of face-to-face appointments with those you already have remote business relationships with.
  • Meeting new potential partners and clients, building a network of business relations in the specific region.
  • Gaining insights into some of the problems you are building solutions for.
  • Obtaining new ideas and inspiration from those who have succeeded in the field you are advancing.
  • Showcasing own achievements is an excellent way to advertise to a target market and build brand awareness.

The event grows bigger year by year. Arab Health 2018 welcomed more than 4,200 exhibiting organizations and 103,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

A novelty that amazed SOLVVE team was Personal Healthcare Technology Zone dedicated to new healthcare technologies presenting various devices, telemedicine solutions, mobile applications, etc. The Hands-On-Training Zone has become even bigger. Other innovations we enjoyed were:

  • Space Hospital – astronauts are going to be treated in space with the help of nanotechnology.
  • D-Heart – a smart-phone based electrocardiograph which shows the electrical activity of the heart and shares the results remotely with a cardiologist.
  • CURA Illumina 360 – a robotic 360-degree breast thermography system which allows a patient to spot early breast anomalies accurately.
  • Smart stethoscope – a device working via real-time Bluetooth transmission of cardiac waveforms to a smart-phone or tablet.

You can find SOLVVE representatives at other international events like Silicon Wadi or WeArDevelopers, or contact us directly to bring your ideas to life already today.