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SOLVVE Service Models

SOLVVE service models - outsource, outstuff, full-cycle development. Coworking space where people are working on their laptops.

SOLVVE provides high-quality and cost-efficient software development and design services for a vast variety of industries and businesses all over the world. We cover all major platforms and ensure the best price-and-quality ratio for our clients allowing them to meet their business goals in the chosen markets and maintain sustainability. Here is how SOLVVE service models work.


SOLVVE can help you acquire the best off-shore talents for your extended team on-site. We provide the technical experts while you decide on the team composition as well as replacement, removal or addition of the team members saving time and costs on administrative hassle with our flat-rate pricing. You have full control of the project on your side: adoption and execution of the project development lifecycle, project management, reporting, quality and delivery assurance along with the human resources appraisal. 


We are happy to take over a part of your software development process so that you could focus more on your business development goals. We offer highly-skilled and experienced software engineers, project managers and analysts, while you decide on addition, replacement, or removal of the team members. The pricing is flexible thanks to our time-and-cost-based pricing.

This model allows the client to adopt a software development lifecycle while SOLVVE takes care of code quality review and takes partial responsibility for ensuring the overall delivery and quality. We will update you on a weekly basis about the progress, milestones completed and possible road blockers.

Full-Cycle Development

The best option for those who are willing to entrust the whole project from the very beginning until the release to a partner. SOLVVE will take full responsibility for gathering a development team, managing it, and guaranteeing the outcomes. We can also advise on the business processes and how to improve them. As well as in outsourcing, The prices are flexible and negotiable based on the time and cost invested in the product.

To ensure the peace of mind for our clients we provide weekly in-depth updates and reports about the product development status, including assessment of potential risks for business and software as well as progress milestones in different teams. Here is how it works.

  1. Defining requirements. Our analysts will crystalize the core ideas behind the product and prioritize the goals, including business, technical and risk assessment.
  2. UX/UI design. The design team will draw prototypes to visualize future products and settle on the data architecture and functionality requirements.
  3. Implementation. Building up the first version of an actual product for further testing and improvements based on the clients’ and users’ feedback. You can find out more about our tech stack here.
  4. Quality Assurance. SOLVVE looks at the product from the users’ perspective and designs the necessary testing methodologies and scenarios to eliminate possible issues.
  5. Deployment and maintenance. After the product release, we keep on maintaining it to fix any occurring errors and deliver updates for better performance and reliability.

Thanks to the combination of well-adjusted inner processes and managerial skills our guarantees the high-quality of the end product and timely delivery in any of the above-mentioned SOLVVE service models.

Have an idea? Contact us and let’s find out the best ways to bring that idea to life.