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The Odoo ERP system is the best solution for your e-Commerce business

E-commerce development has become essential for all the business spheres to be revised with the current market technologies and contend with upgraded trends. 

Currently, online sales tend to be vastly higher when compared with retail store sales as clients have upgraded their behavior patterns. 

Launching an eCommerce store and keeping all the online and offline functionalities, from inventory managing to shipment and customer feedback management, comprises multiple challenges. 

The business needs a practical and simplified management tool to overcome these challenges and assist an eCommerce store. That is where Odoo ERP makes vital improvements.

Odoo ERP vs. e-Commerce

Odoo eCommerce services is an advanced-featured app of the Odoo ERP system that allows the business user to develop, install, and manage all the e-Commerce websites. 

Odoo ERP for eCommerce helps its users to manage all their eCommerce business functionalities such as inventory, warehouse, purchase orders, shipments, promotions, and payment gateway services using the Odoo eCommerce integration services.

Odoo ERP for e-Commerce streamlines the business process through which users set up the e-Commerce store within a few hours.

Odoo e-Commerce Characteristics

Odoo eCommerce services include state-of-the-art elements making the e-Commerce website development much more convenient. Here are the most vital features:

Advanced Revenue employing the numerous attributes feature

Using the Multiple Attributes Features, display the relevant products when the clients view a development which eventually results in better product exposure and business sales. 

SEO tools for better Optimization

Odoo 13 includes multiple inbuilt SEO features through which the e-Commerce store and the stated products can be optimized for better ranking in the search engines. Make use of reliable keywords so that the users can search, find out, and retain new clients.

Multi-language availability

As an internationally standardized ERP software, Odoo e-Commerce aids business users with an inbuilt translator feature. The preferred page and product details can be easily translated within just a click. The real action of the transaction settings will be updated within the next 32 hours.

Payment Gateway Management

Multiple payment gateways can be readily incorporated with the established eCommerce store through the Odoo integration resolutions. The preferred payment gateways such as PayPal, GreenMoney, and others. Efficient Tax Management

Odoo e-Commerce Integrations

Various third-party integrations such as payment gateway, shipments, logistics service providers, social media platforms, accounting tools, etc., can be easily integrated with the Odoo eCommerce website.

Benefits of e-Commerce along with Odoo ERP Integration

  • Highly scalable solution
  • Availability of cutting-edge, customized features
  • Lower implementation cost
  • More rapid ROI

 Features added in later Odoo ERP versions

  • IP Tracking

An IP-based lead generation feature is used explicitly for B2-B enterprises. The IP addresses of website visitors are tracked with distinct businesses. This approach generates a more significant data quantity and tells you more about the goods of your visitors.

  • Shipping Integrations

Multiple shipping carriers are integrated for impeccable delivery service. 

Final Words

Your company’s growth depends on how well you can manage the daily operations. A growing business brings forth many intricacies, and Odoo can easily manage them.

The Odoo e-Commerce tools can cover all of your business requirements successfully. It supplies you with a streamlined structure for your business and thus benefits your customers with a seamless user experience.

This allows you to control and plan your company’s further development. Thus it’s undoubtedly the best business management tool nowadays.

If your growing enterprise needs wise advice or a dedicated being able to provide you with high-efficient service, contact us!