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The Odoo ERP System Is the Best Solution for Your E-commerce Business

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If you’re running an E-commerce business and would like to bring your experience to a whole new level, we offer you to consider Odoo ERP. Actually, it can become one of the best investments for your business, and below, we’ll explain why and what benefits it can bring you. 

First things first, we’d like to say a few words about eCommerce development in general. Not so long ago,  eCommerce development has become essential for all business spheres since it could help companies keep up with the current market technologies and upgrading trends. And considering the fact that online sales currently are on the rise due to Coronavirus and lockdown, almost all businesses go “online”. And, naturally, launching an eCommerce store and keeping all the online and offline functionalities at the same time (from inventory management to shipment and customer feedback management) is a quite tricky task. That’s why a practical and simplified management tool like Odoo ERP can be a way to go. It’s the perfect suite to assist an eCommerce store and help it overcome challenges on its way.

About Odoo eCommerce

Targeted specifically for online sales, Odoo eCommerce is an advanced app that allows users to develop and maintain eCommerce websites.  More precisely, it helps users to manage all their eCommerce business processes such as inventory, warehouse, purchase orders, shipments, promotions, and payment gateway services. And the great news is that Odoo allows businesses to set up an E-commerce store within just a few hours.

Odoo eCommerce Characteristics

Odoo eCommerce services include state-of-the-art elements making the e-Commerce website development extra convenient. Here are the most vital features:

  • Advanced revenue with the numerous attributes feature. The system allows for displaying the relevant products which the clients view. This eventually results in better product exposure and business sales. 
  • SEO tools for better optimization. Odoo 13 includes multiple in-built SEO features enabling you to prioritize your products for better ranking in the search engines. Also, you’ll be able to make use of keywords and retain new clients.
  • Multi-language availability. As an internationally-standardized ERP software, Odoo eCommerce boasts an inbuilt translator feature. The preferred page and product details can be easily translated with just one click. 
  • Payment gateway management. Multiple payment gateways can be easily incorporated with the established eCommerce store through the Odoo integration resolutions. The preferred payment gateways are PayPal, GreenMoney, and others. 
  • Odoo eCommerce integrations. Odoo can be easily integrated with various third-party services and tools concerning payment gateways, shipments, logistics, social media, accounting, etc.

Benefits of E-commerce along with Odoo ERP Integration

  • Highly scalable solution.
  • Availability of cutting-edge, customized features.
  • Low implementation cost.
  • Rapid ROI.

Extra Features Added in the Latest Odoo ERP Versions

  • IP Tracking. An IP-based lead generation feature is great for B2B enterprises. The IP addresses of website visitors are tracked to generate “useful” data (the number of visitors, their preferred goods, and the like)
  • Shipping Integrations. Multiple shipping carriers are integrated for impeccable delivery service. 


For sure, your company’s success largely depends on the proper management of your daily operations. And that’s exactly where Odoo comes in handy. The Odoo eCommerce tools can cover all of your business requirements with the minimum effort required from you. The suite will help you organize your business processes and deliver a seamless experience to your customers. Just try and see for yourself.

So, if you’re interested in the growth of your company, contact us and we will help you implement Odoo ERP System and provide you with high-efficient service.