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MLaaS, Web

Objectives and challenges

The Solvve team was faced with the task of creating an application for detecting deception during assessments in exams, tests, interviews, etc.
The app was to identify the most common types of cheating - using the phone, cheat sheets, other people's help, and substituting an identity.
The application had to be adaptable to the customer's tasks and could be configured to track behavior that interests the client.
Furthermore, it had to be easily integrable with other online education platforms.


Using ML technologies was created an application which can be used as a primary verification tool in eLearning and judge platforms as well as the auxiliary tool in conjunction with human examinations.
The application makes possible:
Item identification: phone, tablet, notes, cheat sheets.
Identification of head position and gaze: unnatural position, tilts, turns, looking past the screen.
Identification of other people in front of the camera or substitution of identity.
Also it easily adapts to special user requirements, integrates with different eLearning platforms.


  • The identification accuracy: it catches the tiniest details
  • The rapidity of video procession: up to 45 frames per second
  • Work with streaming and video recording: any format is available
  • Integration with different educational platforms
  • Easiness with option customization


  1. A reliable application that can replace many proctors and provide protection against cheating during assessment.
  2. The combination of technologies used made it possible to accurately record the slightest evidence of cheating.
  3. The application meets the needs of educational, recruitment and research centers. Сan be easily integrated into the platforms they use.