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Warehouse and supply chain automation


Objectives and challenges

Delmar is one of the largest wholesale distributors of jewelry in Canada and the US working through the network of retail partners. Delmar asked SOLVVE to enhance their ERP system for smoother cooperation between suppliers, warehouse employees, and retailers.


SOLVVE has built over the pre-existing open-source ERP system for warehouses with the possibility to integrate external and Delmar’s own APIs. Then we proceeded to expand its functionality through improvements in the web system for suppliers to access the catalogs of goods, automated purchase returns, and support during the client’s working hours.


  • Product data management (export and import from customers).
  • Sales order management.
  • Warehouse automatization, e.g. printing out packing slips, delivery orders’ processing.
  • Full Integration with any type of a customer’s API on request and Delmar own API.
  • Data feed preparation and sending.
  • Orders loading, Delmar reports.
  • Sending information about acknowledgments, tracking, and invoices.
  • Layout preparation for on-board packing slips.
  • Suppliers integration system.


  1. Automated tasks are done outside the working hours for customer comfort.
  2. The huge database was optimized for thousands of transactions.
  3. Serving more than 1000 customers through the ERP system.
  4. Big product orders from suppliers are processed in a few operations during the workflow.
  5. Processing 3000-4000 orders per day in high season.