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Facial Recognition System

Identification of individuals in real time

MLaaS, Web

Objectives and challenges

The client has approached us with an idea to develop a system that could ensure a proper level of security in a variety of fields, from local commercial organizations to international projects. The key was to identify personas non-grata as well as distinguishing frequent visitors and the high-ranking guests.


SOLVVE developed a customizable web-based system that enables integration with surveillance systems for facial recognition and comparing the finding with a predefined list of personalities. It is also compatible with Android- and iOS-based smart devices. In specific cases, the system can contact necessary institutions for follow-up actions on a situation. All of it happens in real time.

Facial Recognition System scan's bright-blue eyes


  • Processing both live streams and stored images.
  • Highly scalable and can be applied on a large-scale projects and events.
  • High-efficiency in capturing information from multiple feeds.
  • Possibility to extract and compare to a database thousands captured images in a minute.
  • Real-time detection of individuals.
  • Matching findings with the follow-up actions and triggering these actions.


  1. The highest matching results from any angle even for low-resolution images.
  2. Drastically dropping the risk of a security breach or fraud.
  3. Application at crime scenes alongside the fingerprints investigation.
a person's hand holding a device with a facial recognition system on a portable device