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Transferring to a stable business environment with ODOO

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Objectives and challenges

The Canadian tableware and kitchenware dealer Gansco needed modernization in their operation management system which was creating setbacks, causing manual workload, and due to absence of automatization and multiple add-on CRMs, accounting systems were not processing efficiently. Gansco asked SOLVVE for the transfer of business operations to ODOO of the 14th version that would lead to automated processes and optimization. Also, Gansco needed a system that would help them estimate the volume of upcoming sales according to seasonal sales, product categories and other properties.


SOLVVE provided a fully autonomous operating system including integrated departments, synchronized modules and systems by switching it to ODOO of the 14th version. Additionally, SOLVVE has developed a new system which is collecting data from ODOO and creating a forecast of the upcoming sales by machine learning algorithms. SOLVVE team used Plotly Dash soft to provide interactivity and comfortable work with the system in real-time.

A fully autonomous operating system for tableware and kitchenware business.


  • Transfer of business operations from ODOO 6th version to the 14th.
  • Optimization of warehouse process with a transparent and interactive report system.
  • Integration of the new marketplaces with ODOO for external sales.
  • Development, integration, and fine-tuning of direct sales module for ODOO.
  • Integration and adjustment of cargo shipping module.
  • Completion of the inner wholesale logistics system.
  • Add functionality for shipping module and remote warehouse system management.
  • Integration, fine-tuning, and launch of the management system.


  1. Transferred system into the live environment from testing. Developed module for direct and wholesales. Added interactive report system and a remote warehouse module.
  2. Connected over 25 marketplace data integrations to ODOO, updated and supported them regularly.
  3. Fully transferred to ODDO of 14th version and prоvided up to date systems, efficient operations, high-quality service.
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