How we help Ukraine

Enhancing the jewelry marketplace performance

Android, IOS, Web

Objectives and challenges is the Ukrainian-turned-international online store focusing primarily on jewelry made of precious metals, designer watches, and luxury gifts. The store was looking to enhance its pre-existing website performance, customize it for Russia and India, and acquire a mobile application for both iOS and Android.


SOLVVE has deployed code refactoring for the existing website and integrated it with several other services to improve the shopping experience for customers. Namely, we improved the classification and categorization of products by redefining hierarchical levels which made the website navigation easier. Moreover, SOLVVE refined the “Cart” and added more payment options.

Other enhancements included export of the information about the store catalog to the third-parties to drive sales, social logins for faster log-ins, optimization of the website to withstand high loads, and integration with Google Analytics to provide our customer with better insights on the consumers’ behavior. SOLVVE also helped to automate e-mail marketing through eSputnik.


  • One-click buy to shorten the checkout and drive sales.
  • User reviews to help the customers make informed decisions.
  • Sharable wishlists and in-site comparison lists for viewed items to facilitate decision making and proceed to checkout faster.
  • Generating gift suggestions based on upcoming events, astrology, etc.
  • Notifications about updates.


  1. Driving up sales thanks to the renewed website with the simplified purchase funnel.
  2. Introducing mobile application for iOS and Android.
  3. Introducing localized versions of the website for Russia ( and India (