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Health Dimension

Connecting patients and care providers for home treatment

Android, IOS, Web

Objectives and challenges

Our customer wanted to bring together people in the need of medical assistance at home and the verified healthcare professionals who could provide such services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SOLVVE had to develop a booking system that would allow patients and doctors to connect, arrange and track home visits. The system had to have a feedback loop for healthcare professionals to help grow their patient base. It is the first such service in the region.


SOLVVE has built an online system available through iOS and Android applications along with the web-based administration service. Through this platform, patients have 24/7 access to appointment booking, medical consultation and treatment services without physical registration desk.


  • Personalized profiles for healthcare professionals to highlight their skills, services, and availability hours.
  • Verification of healthcare provider qualifications by the Health Dimension team.
  • Booking system to set up, manage and keep track of appointments.
  • Search to find the right healthcare providers and request a visit.
  • Finding a patient’s location on a map and marking a route towards it.
  • Feedback system of ratings and comments about healthcare service providers to help them grow their patient base.


  1. Health Dimension is the first solution of its kind in Saudi Arabia making home care more available, accessible, and flexible.
  2. Healthcare providers got an extra tool to grow their patient base and reach people in need of home care in a more convenient way.
  3. Care providers increased the number of personal visits to patients by 30%.