Modernization in ERP systems of LED lighting manufacturer

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Objectives and challenges

The Canadian LED lighting manufacturer and distributor company LedPax needed modernization in ERP systems because the current one was not able to keep pace with the latest tech and growing business needs. Besides, the previous contractor was far from expected. Therefore, LedPax executives decided to collaborate with SOLVVE for setting up and adjusting an up-to-date business system.


SOLVVE transferred the business processes of LedPax to the latest version of ODOO which led to a fully functioning system with all inner structures and finished all the incomplete work from the previous contractor.
In addition, SOLVVE team, having analyzed the existing processes, proposed several improvements.
As an example, there was no inventory management tool in the previous system and warehouse staff didn’t have access to inventory. To solve this problem LedPax had to use additional software.
SOLVVE suggested creating a custom ODOO-module to allow warehouse staff and sales teams to cooperate easily in a shared system that keeps all the data and has no space for miscommunication.
Besides, LedPax was using “dynamic” orders that contain large orders in stages which were treated as lasting projects. The previous inner tools were not adjustable for dealing with such orders. LedPax used Excel for order tracking which was causing a waste of time and missing information between departments.
SOLVVE developed a custom module for processing the “dynamic” orders that covered cooperation between the sales and engineering departments of LedPax and their suppliers from abroad. That process eliminated the need for Excel and storing all information in a single directory with much better security levels.

Transferring Ledpax ERP systems to ODOO 14th


  • Transferring system from poorly performing 12th version of ODOO to up-to-date 14th version.
  • Creating and integrating custom ODOO modules.
  • Testing of the system for proper functioning at peak loads. Adding new APIs.
  • Providing life support for the system during the first month of its “independent” operations.
  • Consulting on all matters ODOO.


  1. Successfully transferred designated LedPax processes to ODOO of 14th version that serves as a single point of operations.
  2. Eliminated Excel-based tracking processes. Minimized manual labor for management and regular staff.
  3. Developed and integrated a handy and easy-to-use tool for product configuration management. Customized procurement process flow to track partial receivings at the warehouse.
ODOO modules for Ledpax