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Lingua Medicus

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Objectives and challenges

The company Lingua Medicus turned to Solvve aiming to advance its online language school for healthcare professionals. The Lingua Medicus learning platform was created to provide doctors and medical professionals all over the world with a single place where they could take courses focused specifically on learning foreign terminology inherent in the medical field. Three European languages are available: German, English, and Spanish.

The main task given to Solvve was to improve the functionality that was created by another development team, to eliminate bugs and other issues, as well as to add extra features for the smoother operation of the whole platform.


The Solvve team advanced the web platform by updating its functionality up to modern standards. The management part was also enhanced: our team added special cabinets for chiefs, teachers, students, and methodologists. Also, Solvve developed a special validation technology for reliable data verification and added the possibility to make payments right through the website.

In addition, Solvve involved our skilled designers to improve the UI of the website to make it more user-friendly and easy to use.

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  • Adaptability to large workloads.
  • The possibility of making payments through the website using various systems.
  • Ability to manage the platform both by teachers and students.
  • Reliable validation of data.
  • An attractive interface available in three languages.


  1. A fast and easy-to-use multilingual platform for the training and employment of medical staff in Europe.
  2. Weak points in the site's security system were identified and eliminated. Additional protection against spam and invalid data.
  3. Stable operation of the platform (for more than three years now).
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