How we help Ukraine


Helping kids to succeed in math and SAT


Objectives and challenges

Matr is a UK-based company providing online maths tutoring and SAT preparation sessions for children. Its web-based solution easily connects students and tutors around the world by means of video and voice conferences. An ability to share materials and screens for effective teaching and learning is accompanied with rich facilities for all types of customers.

The system features a large and complicated domain: parent and tutor portals, student sessions online tabula, various types of quizzes and maths assessments, feedbacks, smart booking of sessions, automatic payments and payouts, tutor recruitment portal, student and tutor reports, extensive admin portal etc.

The SOLVVE team’s main goal was to take the leading part in the design and to fully implement an appropriate back-end solution to keep the system stable and consistent.


The back-end solution involved a number of low-coupled microservice applications, each encapsulating its own submodel and persistent storage. Applications exposed RESTful API for UI applications as well as for integration with third-party enterprise systems. Communication between microservices was primarily implemented in an event-driven manner. The deployment model involved Docker containers of web-applications hosted inside of a Kubernetes engine. The team also took an active part in the development of the system’s front-end side.

Matr webpage on a creen of a tablet


  • One-on-one video and voice tuition
  • Access to learning resources
  • Session scheduling and booking
  • Flexible tuition plans
  • Student assessments
  • Parent portal and student reports
  • Tutor portal and reports
  • Automatic tutor payouts
  • Tutor applicants interviewing and testing
  • Admin portal


  1. Loved by UK parents and pupils, constantly growing customer base: used in more than 2000 schools in the UK.
  2. National math program for children of 6-12 years of age with a breakdown by grade.
  3. Up to date curriculum resources students.
  4. Preparation for SAT, including 2020 revisions.
Matr webpage on a screen of a laptop