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Building a networking platform for professionals in Saudi Arabia

Android, IOS

Objectives and challenges

MNASSA is a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that helps to grow their professional networks of trusted connections as well as facilitate business cooperation and communication for both providers and consumers.

It was developed with small and middle businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelance professionals in mind. In order to suit the needs of these groups, SOLVVE had to come up with a solution combining the functionality of a social network, a marketplace, and a collaboration space.


After considering the manifold functional requirements of the platform from the perspectives of its stakeholders (businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers) SOLVVE developed MNASSA as a mobile solution for both iOS and Android. The platform became the first networking and collaboration application of its kind for business people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Registration of the new users through invites from the existing ones via messengers.
  • Finding business partners by offering and requesting services via “I need” and “I offer” posts.
  • Adding content via 4 different types of posts; recommending, sharing, and commenting on posts.
  • Creating communities and sharing information within them.
  • Creating free-admission and paid-participation events.
  • Trade Points system that can be used as an in-app currency to purchase event tickets or access special features. Points can be gained within MNASSA as a charge for event tickets events or as a gift from other users.
  • Promotion of posts and events to MNASSA users in exchange for Trade Points.
  • Sending messages to any user regardless of affiliation status.
  • Admin support through MNASSA Value Center.
  • Push notifications to highlight connection requests, invitations to events and communities, transfer of Trade Points, etc.


  1. Enabling professionals in Saudi Arabia to cooperate across various business domains.
  2. MNASSA is ready to take off globally after being tested within Saudi Arabia.
  3. Combining a social network and a marketplace in one application to finds trusted partners and close the deals faster.