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Automating operations for medical home care centers

Android, IOS, Web

Objectives and challenges

Our client wanted to improve the operation flow in home care centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the outdated system could not keep up with the growing number of patients and the quality standards for treatment. At that moment there were no similar products on the market of the Kingdom.

SOLVVE had to develop solutions that would be compatible with the general healthcare system in the country and that could address the issues of document processing and storage, communication between medical professionals and patients, as well as speed and quality of treatment.


SOLVVE analyzed main stakeholders’ (healthcare providers, doctors, patients) needs and designed the architecture, data model, and business processes. The platform has been developed as a cloud solution with data analytics and business intelligence features. Flexible integration engine connected the system with LIS/HIS systems using standard and custom protocols.

Moalej login screen on a monitor


  • Digitalization and automation of documentation processing.
  • Scheduling tools and reminders for staff meetings and patient appointments.
  • Quick access to health data and medical history in one place for both doctors and patients in question.
  • Audit trail module to record and monitor changes in the medical forms.
  • Billing system to create invoices for individuals and insurance companies.
  • Availability tool to check, assign and track the performance of different medical equipment.


  1. Medical professionals can spend more time with the patients due to significantly reduced paperwork.
  2. Reduced operational costs and freed up physical space thanks to the drop in paperwork-associated expenses.
  3. Faster decision-making on treatment schemes and lower rates of medical errors due to better coordination in doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient communication.