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Comprehensive Solution for Online Education

Android, Desktop, IOS, MLaaS, Web

Objectives and challenges

Responding to the challenges in education that arose due to Сovid19, a start-up from Saudi Arabia initiated the development of an online educational platform. Such a platform had to include a comprehensive range of applications that could cover all education process requirements: lectures, assessing, communicating with teachers, video conferences, chats, and much more.

Moreover, the platform had to be designed to allow work with separate short courses and manage sets of learning courses that consist of extended training programs.
It also had to be adapted to iOS and Android, Phones and Tablets.


Solvve designed an online education platform with extensive functionality, providing a full-fledged educational process, allowing integration with the country's external administrative, learning, and organizational resources, working with many users, and operating in several languages.
Also, the platform can be scaled up and developed.

Solvve experts implemented some solutions based on ML/AI technologies: Auto dictation with voice recognition in English, Arabic, and Russian, Face-Recognition, Detection of a hand-raising.


  • Allows to manage the curricula and create individual studying programs by choosing different courses and organizing all stages of the studying process.
  • Includes the app for the exam assessment, complex tests, and a quiz system with questions of various complicity.
  • Analyzes the activity and progress of students, visualizing data in convenient reports.
  • Enables simultaneous usage of the platform by a significant number of people from multiple countries.
  • Designed for Employees, Organizations, Instructors, Customers, Support agents, Parents, Learners, and Assistants.
  • Employs ML technology: Auto dictation, Face Recognition, Anti-cheating, Speech Voice Command Recognition.
  • Аccessible in three languages: English, Arabic, and Russian.


  1. A large-scale, flexible, multifunctional platform for online education services.
  2. The variety of functions covers all the needs of the educational process and makes it user-friendly for users of any age.
  3. ML-based technologies make the learning process on the platform very similar to learning offline.