Global eSports competition hub

Android, IOS, Web

Objectives and challenges

PLAYHERA is a global hub for electronic sports competitions where gamers can challenge themselves and each other, socialize and interact with all main stakeholders of the industry in a complete commercial ecosystem.

SOLVVE worked on the project from the very beginning taking responsibility for developing a product that would support games for different platforms, have complex and extensive functionality to organize and fairly judge tournaments, and be available for different types of gadgets. Moreover, PLAYHERA would have to be customized and localized to suit gaming community preferences in different regions.


After analyzing and structuring the requirements from PLAYHERA stakeholders (gamers, competition organizers, sponsors), SOLVVE has developed native iOS and Android applications mostly supported by different devices and used by the players to compete. There is also a web portal that mostly serves the needs of sponsors and event organizers.

Thanks to the multiple data centers, content delivery network, and multiregional databases PLAYHERA is available around the world in several languages. SOLVVE made sure that using the platform is safe by adding 2-factor authentification, SSL/TSL and OAuth 2.0 protocols, DDoS protection as well as Cloudflare WAF. Moreover, PLAYHERA complies with the GDPR requirements.

Several mobile phones with PLAYHERA app open on them


  • Players can participate in tournaments, leagues, and championships.
  • Event organizers can choose from different tournament matching options to find equally-ranked opponents: single elimination, round-robin, etc.
  • Users can create, search, and join clans/teams.
  • Leaderboards to track tournaments’ progress and outcomes.
  • Customizable user profiles showcasing one’s gaming achievements.
  • Newsfeed to share posts, including game screenshots/video clips.
  • Social interaction options: follow, like/dislike, repost, comment, etc.
  • Chat and notifications.
  • Multilingual interface supporting English, Arabic, and Japanese.


  1. Making organization and management of e-sports competitions easier for all stakeholders.
  2. Online and offline tournament modes to suit different gaming styles.
  3. 9 tournaments completed with 155,000 Saudi Riyal paid out to winners as of August 2019.
  4. Actively acquiring users worldwide in addition to 40,000 user base as of August 2019.
  5. Customized versions of the application for Japan and the MENA region.