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Innovative gameplay for children enhanced by machine learning

Android, IOS, MLaaS

Objectives and challenges

Teleplay is an innovative application bringing children the new way to play and learn. It combines traditional toys with machine learning technology and delivers a realistic as-if-in-cartoon experience. SOLVVE’s task was to bring this idea to life while also keeping it simple enough for children as young as 5 years old to use the app.


SOLVVE worked on Teleplay’s “magic” feature that allows placing toys into the chosen background while cutting off other elements from the picture. Our team developed algorithms that detect toys and hands in front of the camera and cut them out of the picture without the help of a chroma key. This feature is already available for iOS devices.


  • Over 500 different background pictures and videos to experiment with.
  • Foreground filters.
  • Possibility to add music and voice recordings.
  • Possibility to take pictures of the games.


  1. Entertainment and educational content, including astronomy, geography, and history.
  2. Easy-to-use interface that a 5 year old child can navigate.
  3. Constantly growing number of features, e.g. ability to remotely play with friends online.
Teleplay: kids are experiencing the mix of VR and traditional game at home