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Getting the most out of the exploratory testing sessions


Objectives and challenges

Our client has reached out with the idea of building an instrument for comfortable documentation, sharing, and debriefing of the exploratory testing sessions. The goal was to balance the volume of the testing work with the amount of time testers spend documenting their progress. The key was to make the product easily capture and debrief the complexity of testers’ ideas, insights, and commentaries.


SOLVVE has come up with a web-based solution that allows users to write down notes about the testing process, plan each step of it, review and debrief results. From the initial idea of drag-and-dropping images into the browser, TestBuddy went through several iterations at SOLVVE and is now capable of adding and editing time-stamped text as well as label the paragraphs with predefined icons. It can also be integrated with JIRA issues to generate reports.

TestBuddy webpage on a screen of a tablet


  • Session planning tools: setting up missions and goals for test sessions, handy timers and timestamps.
  • Formatting and markdown of the documents.
  • Adding screenshots or GIFs as attachments using drag-and-drop.
  • Documenting tools to write down and track exploration notes, including a summary section.
  • Session statuses, categorisation, and filters for better focus.
  • Debriefing of sessions via PDF documents of email.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for better and faster navigation.


  1. Helping QA professionals efficiently plan, prioritize and frame their work.
  2. Capturing and sorting notes is as easy as it could be optimizing tester’s working time distribution to actual testing.
  3. Helping testers collaborate and gain more fruitful insights through teamwork.
TestBuddy webpage on a screen of a tablet