Virtual cards for secure online payments

Android, IOS

Objectives and challenges

Token is a service that secures online transactions and protects users’ private data, including among other things credit card numbers and owners’ names. SOLVVE had do develop an extra layer of digital protection between the payer’s actual bank account along with the associated identity and the payee to guarantee full privacy and transaction security.


SOLVVE helped to develop a front-end solution for a system that safely handles data about existing cards and accounts and issues a single-use virtual card for every new transaction hiding users' data from payees’ servers and making it unreachable for malicious attacks. SOLVVE has built upon and enhanced the pre-existing iOS application and adapted it for Android.


  • PIN and fingerprint authorization.
  • Issuing on-demand single-use cards that are locked to a single merchant for secure and anonymous transactions by replacing actual information about the account and its owner. Such cards cannot be used anywhere else.
  • Limiting and freezing cards.
  • Canceling virtual cards at any moment.
  • Managing subscriptions and bills starting from such popular services as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Uber and Lyft, GrubHab, etc. to any local store that you do not fully trust.
  • Automatically detecting and stopping payment frauds.


  1. Proven security of banking and personal data.
  2. Suppliers enjoy much faster payments.
  3. Customers save on handling costs: there are no fees for card issuing and maintenance as well as for transaction processing.