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CRM and marketing automation solution for smartphones

Android, IOS

Objectives and challenges

Upsales is a Swedish company that helps to build a bridge between sales and marketing to enhance companies’ growth. Upsales asked SOLVVE to develop a mobile version of its web-based customer relation management (CRM) application to ensure full control over the sales process for the users.


SOLVVE has suggested the prototypes for Upsales mobile applications. After receiving approval from the client, we developed extremely user-friendly iOS and Android versions that fully replicates functionally of the web service: marketing automation and sales automation, CRM, insights, etc. Users can access the sales pipelines and reports, forms, closed deals, and other important documents from their phones.


  • Integration with such popular services as Zendesk, Slack, Google calendar, and other billing and email systems.
  • Management of accounts, contacts, activities, opportunities, and appointments.
  • Call-kit to identify customers without having their number in your phonebook.
  • Daily reports about pipelines and sales via the dashboard.
  • Easy access to sales history and notes.
  • KPI highlights for all of your customers.
  • Statistics on website visits, email marketing performance, and conversions.
  • Push notifications in real time.


  1. Today Upsales works with more than 600 companies in 10 countries.
  2. Estimated annual revenue of USD 7 million.
  3. More closed deals with marketing and sales automation and insights.