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Water Treatment Equipment Optimization

Boosting efficiency through design concepts and data analysis


Objectives and challenges

Stamford Scientific International, Inc. is the global leader in engineering and production of equipment for the water treatment plants. It focuses on treatment cost, control, and outcome improvements through the optimization of system elements and operational processes. SOLVVE contributed to the shape optimization for one of the company’s know-how in component and project design services.


Throughout the course of cooperation, SOLVVE’s experts experimented with different component design solutions to come up with the short-list of the most applicable ones. Later they structured data and trends regarding target values of these solutions to ensure that they meet customer’s requirements for high-performance and low-maintenance of equipment at water treatment plants.

Water treatment station shoot from above


  • Visualizations of shape optimization options for structural components.
  • Providing patterns for target values.
  • Granting more flexibility to controls management of the system.


  1. Longer lasting components thanks to components’ shape optimization.
  2. Higher efficiency compared to other solutions on the market.
  3. Systems that are less demanding in maintenance and operator involvement.
Water treatment plant