World's classics through customized immersive experience

Android, Desktop, IOS

Objectives and challenges

Our client wanted to provide accessible education to English language learners by enabling them to immerse into the classic literature. SOLVVE had to develop a solution that would allow students to experience difficult texts in an easy-to-percept way while being also suitable for students with varying language skills.


SOLVVE has built the solution around the idea of combining reading and listening comprehension in a unique ebook that is available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux with the clear-cut interface and navigation as well as a cross-platform synchronization. WholeReader allows tracking text while listening to the narration by native speakers.

WholeReader application on a tablet screen


  • Text and audio synchronization with the audio speed adjustment.
  • Adjustable text size and background; day, night, and sepia modes.
  • Mode for people with dyslexia.
  • Offline mode with full online functionality.
  • Extended P2P tool.
  • Powerful search widget with advanced filters.
  • “Reading Bar” that highlights the current reading line.
  • Possibility to create and listen to the compilations of quotes.
  • Activity report for students and teachers.
  • Possibility to add and categorize notes.
  • Built-in online and offline dictionaries.
  • Flashcards for TOEFL and SAT vocabulary.
  • Updates about changes in the library.


  1. Education in classical literature made accessible to English learners with different skill levels
  2. Equipping students with learning materials and courses to prepare for TOEFL and SAT exams
  3. The immersive learning environment of WholeReader allows for both self-study and teacher-coordinated courses
A piece of tex in WholeReader application on a tablet screen