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Service Models

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SOLVVE offers flexible cooperation models to fit your budget and time capabilities. Thanks to the combination of well-adjusted inner processes and managerial skills SOLVVE guarantees the high-quality of the end product and timely delivery



Equipping you with the best talents to extend your on-site team.


Our remote teams assist you in a software development process.

Full-cycle development

Creating turn-key solutions and taking your project from idea to release.


Сustom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services to elevate your value and drive growth. Choose your area of interest and let us help you succeed.

Artificial Intelligence

Making interaction with your products human-like

Web & Mobile dev

Building state-of-the-art applications to help you extend your online presence


Consultation, development and implementation of modern ERP

Cloud / DevOps

Boosting delivery capacities and time to market while slashing the costs

Business Analysis

Data-driven recommendations to optimize processes improve overall performance, and increased profitability

UI/UX Design

Ensuring a recognizable brand and exceptional interaction experience for customers on various platforms

QA Testing

Ensure your product runs smoothly and can handle malicious attacks

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Case Studies

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With our arsenal of advanced tools and technologies, we empower our customers to leverage innovative solutions and tackle the challenges of the modern world.

  • eLearning & Education
  • Odoo Business Automation
  • Custom Web&Mobile
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Healthcare
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Proctoring software ensures protection against cheating in assessments.
eLearning & Education

ML/AI-based proctoring software detects deception in exams, tests, interviews, etc., including phone usage, cheat sheets, assistance, and identity substitution.

Key features:
  • Unmatched identification accuracy.
  • Rapid video processing.
  • Swift video processing at up to 45 frames per second.
  • Seamless compatibility with streaming and video recording in any format.
  • Effortless integration with diverse educational platforms.

Dependable anti-cheating system for exams, accurately detecting even the slightest behavioral irregularities, functioning seamlessly in both online and offline modes.

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Setting up and optimizing internal business processes with custom Odoo modules.
Odoo Business Automation

Modernization and improvement of LedPax’s ERP systems by transferring to the latest version of Odoo, integrating custom modules, and optimizing business processes.

Key features:
  • Updated Odoo version.
  • Creating and integrating custom Odoo modules to enhance functionality.
  • Testing the system for peak load performance and adding new APIs.
  • Providing ongoing support and consultation on all Odoo-related matters.

LedPax upgraded to the latest Odoo version, streamlined processes, eliminated Excel tracking, reduced manual labor, and improved efficiency with a customized product configuration tool.

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Banking Automation Software

A reliable, user-friendly online banking solution
Custom Web&Mobile

Banking software with automation of financial operations, seamless user experience, and high security standards of existing legacy systems.

Key features:
  • Modern and intuitive user interface for easy banking experience.
  • Robust security measures to protect financial information.
  • Integration with existing banking legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive suite of financial services for individuals and businesses.

An innovative online banking platform that provides a seamless user experience, ensures top-notch security, and offers a comprehensive range of financial services.

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Shoplifting prevention

Detecting shoplifters on shop surveillance cameras by recognizing the patterns in human behavior.
Artificial Intelligence

A machine learning based solution to detect shoplifting and other anomalies in human behavior using existing surveillance camera systems in shops and public facilities.

Key features:
  • Real-time monitoring of human behavior to identify anomalies.
  • Comparison of observed behavior with known patterns of theft, robbery, and stealing.
  • Automatic alert system to notify security personnel of suspected shoplifting incidents.

The system successfully detects anomalies in behavior, classifies them into different types (e.g., shoplifting, stealing, robbery), and effectively protects retail businesses from financial losses caused by shoplifting.

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A solution designed for home care centers, aimed at optimizing operational processes, simplifying documentation procedures, and elevating the quality of care provided to patients.
Digital Healthcare

A cloud solution to improve the operation flow in home care centers, processing and storage of documents, and communication between medical professionals and patients, as well as speed and quality of treatment.

Key features:
  • Digitalization and automation of documentation processing.
  • Scheduling tools and reminders.
  • Centralized access to health data and medical history.
  • Audit trail module to record and monitor changes.
  • Billing system for creating invoices for individuals and insurance companies.
  • Availability tool to check, assign, and track the performance etc.

The platform transformed home care operations, reducing paperwork and enabling more time with patients. It lowered costs, facilitated faster decision-making, and improved communication to reduce medical errors.

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Our primary focus is to ensure that our service contributes to the growth of our clients’ businesses. Through our combination of technical expertise and business know-how, we have been cultivating long-term partnerships with our customers, earning positive feedback for over a decade.

We’re 100% satisfied with their services.
Solvve works hard for our satisfaction. Whenever we request a change or modification to process, they just make it happen until we are satisfied.
The team is great when it comes to complex development tasks.
SOLVVE works quickly and communicates seamlessly with our team.
It’s been a great experience for us.

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