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An ebook solution for English language learners that combines the practice of reading and listening comprehension.
eLearning & Education

An ebook solution available on multiple platforms with synchronized text and audio, for accessible education for English language learners, focusing on immersive classic literature experiences.

Key features:
  • Text and audio synchronization with the audio speed adjustment.
  • Offline mode with full online functionality.
  • Powerful search widget with advanced filters.
  • “Reading Bar” that highlights the current reading line.
  • Possibility to create and listen to the compilations of quotes.
  • Activity report for students and teachers.
  • Flashcards for TOEFL and SAT vocabulary.

WholeReader enables accessible education for English learners of varying skill levels, equipping students with materials for TOEFL and SAT preparation while offering an immersive learning environment suitable for both self-study and teacher-coordinated courses.

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Helping children succeed in math and SAT through eLearning platform providing one-on-one training sessions in accordance with the UK national curriculum.
eLearning & Education

A UK-based online math tutoring and SAT preparation platform, featuring various portals, session scheduling, assessments, reports, automatic payments, and extensive administrative capabilities. 

Key features:
  • One-on-one video and voice tuition.
  • Access to learning resources.
  • Session scheduling and booking.
  • Flexible tuition plans.
  • Parent portal and student reports.
  • Automatic tutor payouts etc.

The implemented backend solution made MATR a beloved platform among UK parents and pupils, used in over 2000 schools nationwide, providing a comprehensive math program, curriculum resources, and SAT preparation.

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A solution designed for home care centers, aimed at optimizing operational processes, simplifying documentation procedures, and elevating the quality of care provided to patients.
Digital Healthcare

A cloud solution to improve the operation flow in home care centers, processing and storage of documents, and communication between medical professionals and patients, as well as speed and quality of treatment.

Key features:
  • Digitalization and automation of documentation processing.
  • Scheduling tools and reminders.
  • Centralized access to health data and medical history.
  • Audit trail module to record and monitor changes.
  • Billing system for creating invoices for individuals and insurance companies.
  • Availability tool to check, assign, and track the performance etc.

The platform transformed home care operations, reducing paperwork and enabling more time with patients. It lowered costs, facilitated faster decision-making, and improved communication to reduce medical errors.

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Banking Automation Software

A reliable, user-friendly online banking solution
Custom Web&Mobile

Banking software with automation of financial operations, seamless user experience, and high security standards of existing legacy systems.

Key features:
  • Modern and intuitive user interface for easy banking experience.
  • Robust security measures to protect financial information.
  • Integration with existing banking legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive suite of financial services for individuals and businesses.

An innovative online banking platform that provides a seamless user experience, ensures top-notch security, and offers a comprehensive range of financial services.

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Ensuring highly accurate blood test results for animal diagnostics enhanced with machine learning.
Digital Healthcare

A solution to enhance the accuracy of blood test results for a Canadian animal diagnostics service, by eliminating subjectivity in manual tests.

Key features:
  • Knowledge database for accurate diagnosis.
  • Algorithm detecting specific blood cell types.
  • Resistance to color map changes.
  • Data augmentation and ability to add new classes.
  • Automatic image database updates and system re-training.

The turn-key solution incorporates advanced machine learning to deliver highly accurate blood test results and continuously improves result quality by adapting to new data domains.

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Proctoring software ensures protection against cheating in assessments.
eLearning & Education

ML/AI-based proctoring software detects deception in exams, tests, interviews, etc., including phone usage, cheat sheets, assistance, and identity substitution.

Key features:
  • Unmatched identification accuracy.
  • Rapid video processing.
  • Swift video processing at up to 45 frames per second.
  • Seamless compatibility with streaming and video recording in any format.
  • Effortless integration with diverse educational platforms.

Dependable anti-cheating system for exams, accurately detecting even the slightest behavioral irregularities, functioning seamlessly in both online and offline modes.

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eSports Recommendation System

Boosting gaming and social experience in eSports platforms with constantly improving ML-backed recommendation systems.
Custom Web&Mobile

A recommendation system to engage players, provide valuable data about their progress, and offer personalized recommendations within the eSports platform.

Key features:
  • User scoring system to recommend users with similar interests to follow or add as friends.
  • Recalculating weights based on user trends and changes in the system to adjust the recommendation process.
  • Test model to compare real and expected results and ensure the stability and quality of recommendations.

eSports recommendation system provides personalized recommendations, adapts to user trends, and maintains stable and high-quality suggestions, enhancing the engagement and experience of players within the eSports platform.

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Lingua Medicus

Multilingual online learning platform for medical professionals to master foreign languages.
eLearning & Education

Enhancing the language school's online platform through error correction, robust data verification, online payments, streamlined management, and updated user interface.

Key features:
  • Adaptability to handle large workloads.
  • Online payment functionality with multiple systems.
  • Platform management capabilities for teachers and students.
  • Reliable data validation.
  • Attractive multilingual interface.

Lingua Medicus became a secure, user-friendly, and stable multilingual training and employment platform for healthcare professionals in Europe.

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Facial Recognition System

Customizable web-based security monitoring: Identify unwelcome individuals and identify VIP guests across industries.
Artificial Intelligence

Real-time web-based system for automated person identification, utilizing video data from multiple sources, to establish a comprehensive security solution.

Key features:
  • Integration with surveillance systems for facial recognition and comparison with a predefined list of personalities.
  • Real-time processing of both live streams and stored images.
  • Scalability for large-scale events.
  • Extraction and comparison of thousands of captured images per minute.
  • Real-time detection of individuals.

Highly accurate facial recognition system, working with low-resolution images, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches or fraud.

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AI-powered online education platform that replicates the offline learning experience, delivering immersive virtual education services.
eLearning & Education

An online educational platform with extensive features to meet various education process requirements, including lectures, assessments, teacher communication, video conferences, and chats.

Key features:
  • Curriculum management and individual study program creation.
  • Designed for four user roles.
  • Exam assessment, complex tests, and quiz systems.
  • Auto dictation, face recognition, anti-cheating measures, speech voice command recognition.

Platform that efficiently fulfills diverse education process requirements, offers convenient features, and integrates ML technology for enhanced functionality and user experience.

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Enhancing a customer relation management system with mobile applications that fully replicate its web-based analogue functionality and boosts companies’ growth.
Custom Web&Mobile

Develop a mobile version of Upsales’ web-based CRM application to provide users with full control over the sales process on their mobile devices. 

Key features:
  • Management of accounts, contacts, activities, opportunities, and appointments.
  • Integration with popular services such as Zendesk, Slack, Google Calendar etc.
  • Call-kit feature for identifying customers.
  • Integration with popular services such as Zendesk, Slack, Google Calendar etc.
  • Daily reports on Pipelines.
  • Real-time push notifications etc.

Upsales serves 600+ companies across 10 countries, generating USD 7 million in annual revenue. Integrated marketing and sales automation, along with insights, drive increased closed deals and business growth.

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ML-powered educational app integrates traditional toys in the learning processes for children aged 5+.
eLearning & Education

An innovative application that combines traditional toys with machine learning technology to provide an interactive and educational experience for children aged 5 and above.

Key features:
  • “Magic” feature allows toys to be placed in chosen backgrounds and cut out unwanted elements.
  • Over 500 backgrounds to choose from.
  • Foreground filters for enhanced visual effects.
  • Ability to add music and voice recordings.
  • Option to take pictures of the games.

Teleplay offers entertainment and educational content across various subjects, an easy-to-use interface suitable for young children, and a growing range of features, including the ability to play remotely with friends online.

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Transferring to a stable environment for operation management.
Odoo Business Automation

The goal was to modernize Gansco’s operation management system, automate processes, and develop a forecasting system for sales estimation.

Key features:
  • Odoo system upgrade from version 6 to the latest.
  • Optimized warehouse processes with transparent and interactive reporting.
  • Integration of new marketplaces for external sales.
  • Developed sales module for direct and wholesale operations.
  • Integrated cargo shipping module.

A fully autonomous operating system, streamlined warehouse processes, integrated multiple marketplaces, developed sales modules, and implemented a forecasting system, leading to efficient operations and high-quality service.

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Setting up and optimizing internal business processes with custom Odoo modules.
Odoo Business Automation

Modernization and improvement of LedPax’s ERP systems by transferring to the latest version of Odoo, integrating custom modules, and optimizing business processes.

Key features:
  • Updated Odoo version.
  • Creating and integrating custom Odoo modules to enhance functionality.
  • Testing the system for peak load performance and adding new APIs.
  • Providing ongoing support and consultation on all Odoo-related matters.

LedPax upgraded to the latest Odoo version, streamlined processes, eliminated Excel tracking, reduced manual labor, and improved efficiency with a customized product configuration tool.

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Enhancing enterprise resource planning system for smoother cooperation between suppliers, warehouse employees, and retailers through warehouse and supply chain automation.
Odoo Business Automation

Enhance Delmar’s ERP system to improve cooperation between suppliers, warehouse employees, and retailers.

Key features:
  • Full integration with customer APIs and Delmar’s API.
  • Product data management.
  • Sales order management.
  • Warehouse automation.
  • Data feed preparation and sending.
  • Suppliers integration system.

Удосконалення покращили ERP-систему Delmar, підвищили її загальну ефективність. Оптимізація роботи бази даних  дозволила збільшити можливості обробки щоденних замовлень до 3000-4000 у високий сезон.

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Health Dimension

A reliable booking system, specifically designed for patients in need of healthcare at home, utilizes a verified database of healthcare providers.
Digital Healthcare

A booking system that connects patients in need of home health care with vetted health professionals, able to provide 24/7 access to appointments, access to medical consultation, and treatment services without a physical registration desk.

Key features:
  • Personalized profiles for healthcare professionals.
  • Verification of healthcare provider qualifications.
  • Appointment booking system.
  • Mapping feature to locate patients and navigate to their homes.
  • Feedback system with ratings and comments.

The platform transformed home care, expanding the patient base and reaching individuals in need more conveniently, resulting in a 30% increase in personal visits to patients.

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Data Forecast

A long-term income prediction system for financial trading markets.
Artificial Intelligence

An algorithm to make long-term income predictions for brand growth or decline based on long-term data. Works even for young brands when historical data is not available.

Key features:
  • Utilization of historical data from “parent” brands to make predictions.
  • Incorporation of data science and statistical analysis techniques.
  • Building predictions for various target metrics based on time series data.

The developed solution enables brands to make accurate long-term predictions relying on a wide range of historical data, thereby enhancing business growth and continuously updating predictions for improved accuracy and relevance.

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An extra layer of digital protection for online transactions to secure users’ private data and ensure transaction security.
Custom Web&Mobile

A payment service that secures online transactions and protects users’ private data thanks to an extra layer of digital protection between the payer’s actual bank account along with the associated identity and the payee.

Key features:
  • PIN and fingerprint authorization.
  • Issuing single-use virtual cards for each transaction. 
  • Hiding users’ data from payees’ servers.
  • Limiting, freezing, and canceling virtual cards as needed.
  • Managing subscriptions and bills.
  • Prevention of payment frauds.

The implementation of the system resulted in faster payments for suppliers and cost savings for customers, with no fees for card issuing, maintenance, or transaction processing.

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A platform for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that helps to grow their professional networks, facilitate business cooperation and communication.
Custom Web&Mobile

A mobile solution to serve as a networking and collaboration platform for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, combining the functionality of a social network, a marketplace, and a collaboration space.

Key features:
  • User registration through invites via messengers.
  • Service offering and requesting through “I need” and “I offer” posts.
  • Multiple types of content posts, recommendations, sharing, and commenting.
  • Free-admission and paid-participation events.
  • Trade Points system as in-app currency.
  • Messaging functionality for all users etc.

MNASSA enables global collaboration across business domains, combining social networking and marketplace features to facilitate finding trusted partners and closing deals faster in one application.

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Web and Mobile apps for global online jewelry retailer.
Custom Web&Mobile

Enhance the performance of Gold.ua’s pre-existing website, customize it for work in other countries, and develop a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Key features:
  • Code refactoring and website optimization.
  • Enhanced “Cart” functionality and expanded payment options.
  • Export of store catalog information to third parties to drive sales.
  • One-click buy option.
  • User reviews to aid customers in decision-making etc.

Improvements and additions increased sales via an enhanced website and simplified purchase funnel. Gold.ua launched successful mobile apps for iOS and Android and introduced localized versions for two countries abroad.

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Water Treatment Equipment Optimization

Optimization of system elements and operational processes through component design solutions and target value calculations.
Artificial Intelligence

Optimization of system elements and operational processes through component design solution and target value calculations.

Key features:
  • Visualizations of shape optimization options for structural components.
  • Providing patterns for target values to meet customer requirements.
  • Granting more flexibility to control management of the system etc.

By implementing shape optimization, Stamford Scientific International achieved longer-lasting components, higher efficiency compared to other solutions, and reduced maintenance and operator involvement in their water treatment systems.

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Helping testers to get the maximum out of exploratory sessions with a handy noting tool where one can format, timestamp, share, and debrief documents with minimum effort.
Custom Web&Mobile

A web-based solution streamlines exploratory testing, enabling efficient documentation, sharing, and debriefing of sessions while minimizing time spent on documentation.

Key features:
  • Session planning tools: mission and goal setup, timers, and timestamps.
  • Formatting and markdown capabilities for documents.
  • Easy attachment of screenshots or GIFs through drag-and-drop.
  • Tools for documenting exploration notes with a summary section.
  • Session statuses, categorization, and filters for focus etc.

TestBuddy optimizes QA professionals’ work by assisting in planning, prioritizing, and organizing tasks, simplifying note-taking, promoting collaboration, and facilitating fruitful insights through teamwork.

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Shoplifting prevention

Detecting shoplifters on shop surveillance cameras by recognizing the patterns in human behavior.
Artificial Intelligence

A machine learning based solution to detect shoplifting and other anomalies in human behavior using existing surveillance camera systems in shops and public facilities.

Key features:
  • Real-time monitoring of human behavior to identify anomalies.
  • Comparison of observed behavior with known patterns of theft, robbery, and stealing.
  • Automatic alert system to notify security personnel of suspected shoplifting incidents.

The system successfully detects anomalies in behavior, classifies them into different types (e.g., shoplifting, stealing, robbery), and effectively protects retail businesses from financial losses caused by shoplifting.

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A native iOS and Android app for cybersport competition, complemented by a web portal catering to sponsors and event organizers.
Custom Web&Mobile

An eSports platform with multiple data centers, global content delivery, multi-region databases, and strong two-factor authentication, SSL/TSL, OAuth 2.0, DDoS protection, and Cloudflare WAF.

Key features:
  • Players can participate in tournaments, leagues, and championships.
  • Comparison of tournaments by rating.
  • Create, search and join clans/teams.
  • Leaderboards to track progress and results.
  • Customizable user profiles.
  • News feed for sharing posts.
  • Various options for social interaction.

The platform successfully facilitates the conduct of eSports competitions, thanks to the ease of organization, various tournament modes, and global user engagement through adapted regional versions.

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Improving the work, adapting to future changes and expanding the functionality of the medical institution's software.
Digital Healthcare

Improving the medical organization's software by updating the interface to enhance user interaction, reduce long-term maintenance costs, ensure adaptability to future updates and functions, while preserving subject knowledge and business logic.

Key features:
  • ISBT
  • Electronic crossmatch with embedded critical safety features.
  • Multisite capabilities.
  • Secured access.
  • Unit recall management and documentation.
  • Comprehensive inventory management.
  • Daily trace and audit trail.
  • Management reports.

Improved workflow efficiency and user interaction resulted from software changes, a new functionality and web interface featuring advanced toolbar options and customization.

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Health Longevity Cafe 

Streamlining business processes and improving customer service through Odoo ERP implementation
Odoo Business Automation

Streamline processes in Odoo: Importing raw data, automating flow with reminders and Stripe payment, configuring POS module, email distribution, website optimization, and resource reservation.

Key features:
  • Cafe clients served seamlessly using Odoo POS modules on iPads.
  • Оnline consultations and tests via Odoo web site + Resource booking module.
  • Integration of Odoo with a mobile app.
  • Online shop for purchasing supplements and stacks.

Significant progress in streamlining processes and enhancing customer service through efficient sales and inventory management.

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