Providing continuous and timely tech support before and after product release

Smooth user experience

SOLVVE ensures prompt and reliable assistance in supporting the smooth operation of your product. We provide both customer and technical support to guarantee a seamless experience to end-users by delivering easy-to-understand user manuals and explanations that guide customers through the issue solving process.

SOLVVE support workflow in a nutshell

If users face a problem or have a question, they can send their requests and feedback to our support team via multiple channels. SOLVVE already has a wide pool of existing procedures enabling our experts to deliver solutions almost instantly. When we come across unusual issues we develop a custom solution for each particular case. We are constantly adding new procedures and improving the existing ones to help our customers and users enjoy the products to the full extent.


When it comes to SOLVVE’s own products, our support team tightly cooperates with the development and DevOps experts to make sure that all the necessary fixes are at a place as soon as possible. Getting development and support services together is a cost-efficient way to keep your application functionality up to date since our team already knows all ins and outs of the product.

Our DevOps team knows all about:

  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Test automation
  • Infrastructure as a code