UI/UX Design

Bridging the gap between technologies and users with clearcut and easy-to-navigate solutions

Web and Mobile

SOLVVE develops UI/UX design for both mobile and web applications, ensuring that your brand is recognizable on different platforms and that your customers get the best interaction experience with your product. We focus on engagement, usability, responsiveness, and security.

Design development process

  • 1

    User research

    We analyze your business domain and develop a user persona to clarify the main requirements and preferences of the target audience.

  • 2


    Drafting schematic monochrome pictures of the future screens with components to give the general idea of how the product will be structured and what it will look like.

  • 3

    UI/UX design

    Working through details to finalize the requirements for functionality and visuals to share them with the development team.

  • 4


    Identifying potential issues and polishing the product before the release.

Technologies and Tools

Our designer team will create prototypes to visualize future products and settle on the data architecture and functionality requirements.

  • Static editors
  • Animation editors
  • Design tools
  • Others

Static editors

Animation editors

Design tools