How we help Ukraine

Web and mobile development

Building state-of-the-art applications to help you extend your online presence

Software development approach

SOLVVE relies on Agile methodology and SCRUM framework which are a part of the lean approach: changes in requirements may happen on the way and we are ready to accommodate them. Our team emphasizes transparent and regular communication with the clients.

Before we get down to the development we hold a series of meetings with the product owner and discuss the project details based on a previously formed backlog, a sorted out list of tasks to be done and goals to be achieved. Tasks from backlog will be ranged by the importance and other factors and split into batches for iterative developments. Every 2 weeks you will be seeing a new batch developed and added to your product. After we settle on the initial version of a backlog, we sign the contract.

Client’s involvement and full control over the process

Every 2 weeks we set up a demo of the results to the client. The team collects your feedback, analyzes risks and issues, closes the sprint, and further optimizes the development process. This is a step-by-step (sprint-by-sprint) process that repeats itself until the development is ready.

Flexibility in planning

You carry out the task planning, define the priority and approve the terms together with the head of the project. Every day the head of the project holds meetings with the team checking upon the dynamics of work, as well as the difficulties and problem solving methods during the development.

Transparency and control

You can control the quality of the code and the testing process to understand the volume of the tasks performed within a specific period. This enables you to have the relevant versions of the project code available. All the information is placed in the personal account of the version control system BitBucket.

Contact with the product

After finishing two sprints, we submit the report on the works performed, and conduct an online demonstration of the implemented functional features. Starting within the first weeks of development, you can “handle” the product.

Mobile and Full Stack Development

Our team provides a full set of services: from business analysis to design to project delivery and follow-up support. We work with various kinds of third-party APIs as well as reliable relational and non-relational databases to build responsive, secure and recognizable web applications that perform well on different devices. SOLVVE team undertakes both the enhancement and improvement of the existing apps and full-cycle development of new solutions to ensure the seamless operation.


iOS and MacOS



Cross-platform solutions

Business Domains

We can help you to boost customers’ engagement with your product or brand and drive your sales through optimization and customer experience improvements. We develop applications using the latest technology stacks to help our customers to get ahead of the competition and sustain the leading position.

Our main domains are:

  • Healthcare
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Fintech
  • Front end
  • Back end
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cross-platform

Front end

Back end