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Odoo Аpps for your business success

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All the fast-growing entrepreneurs currently consider Odoo a new technical innovation. To develop and keep up with the digital changes, small and medium enterprises are applying ERP business solutions widely. Odoo offers apps for solving business problems in various fields, such as Management, Accounting, Payments, Marketing, Social Media and so on.

Odoo ERP System: Key Characteristics

  • Odoo ERP system supplies customers with an extensive collection of software applications for business management and growth. This ERP solution is a compilation of several modules such as CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, and HRMS. 
  • Odoo team presents unique modules and features regularly to enhance the business operations. In addition, the Odoo team develops new modules following market review and business requirement analysis. 
  • Odoo module integration benefits businesses by offering tremendous support in managing supply chain, customer relations, human resources management, and other operations.

Besides, Odoo significantly differs from other ERP systems. Becoming an Odoo client, you are free to choose and install any module to implement, or you can order additional modules from third-party developers. In such a case, the company can purchase only those modules it needs and then buy others if there are any requirements. The company can also discuss any system changes or additional modules to install with the developer. A well-qualified developer would advise the best system improvements and consult about any possible installation risks. 

For example, соmpany can perform the human resources management task effectively by integrating Timesheets, Employees, Recruitment, Attendance, Time Off, Approvals, and Payroll modules of Odoo; and using the Purchase and Sales Odoo modules for the supply chain management.

Nowadays, the demand for the Odoo system is increasing every single day. Why do so many companies prefer Odoo management software to all the others? Regarding users’ feedback, the following reasons would be crucial:

Low Cost of the License

The Cost of installing, configuring, and running an ERP system is costly. But there is no charge fee to run the Odoo Community version so that users can save on the Cost of execution and customization. 

Customizable System

Odoo ERP is pretty adjustable to customize to users’ requirements. With such multiple modules, users choose those that are the most suitable for their business needs.

Modular System

Odoo ERP is an all-in-one software covering e-Commerce, CRM, billing, accounting, project management, and many others. The main Odoo components are more than 3000 community modules and the OpenObject framework. OpenObject features a comprehensive and modular toolbox for fast installation applications: integrated Object-Relationship Mapping (ORM) support, template-based Model-View-Controller (MVC) interfaces, automated internationalization, etc.

Ways to Engage Employees with Odoo Apps

Task Management App

This application helps to manage Task Creation and Checklist Tasks fully. It’s convenient for teams from different departments to track the time allotted for the tasks and coordinate their actions. At the same time, it enables one to set up and focus on the high-priority task and fulfill it within the shortest period.

Ordering an Odoo app for task management is like having a personal assistant without a sleeping function that is always available 24/7.

Accounting App

Accountant efficiency is at the basics of AI-powered invoice creation, synchronizing of the bank accounts, smart suggestions, and many other features.

The Accounting Odoo app has all the time-saving tools to boost business processes and make them flow much smoother. Such an application allows:  

  • Sync all company bank accounts automatically 
  • Make professional invoices and manage recurring billings
  • Assist in bearing in mind all the vital tasks that consistently require time and the most excellent attention
  • Automate about 95% of balancing with the wise balancing tool
  • Manage supplier invoices and get a precise prediction of your future expenses to pay

Business Expenses’ Tracking App

Employing the Odoo Fees app saves time and increases overall business efficiency. Your bank account dealings will automatically be imported and ranked. 

Digital receipts can be delivered straight to the Odoo app. Whether it’s office supplies, travel fees, or any other employee expense, you have access to all your company’s receipts and expense requests. There is no need to download special software to preserve expense records. All the data is automated. 

When a company develops and hires more employees, they can attach copies of their receipts instantly to an expense record to avoid losing them. This saves paperwork processing time and prevents lost documents.

Odoo Email Marketing App

E-Marketing automation apps that offer Odoo allow you to start implementing some features, such as choosing a layout and making the modifications needed by dragging and double-clicking on content and many other new solutions. You can quickly turn any subscriber who hasn’t yet filled out your “Work with Us” form into an announced and compelling lead. 

Odoo Social Media App

The Social Marketing Odoo app permits a company to manage its leadership system’s social media channels. Using such an app, you can:

  • Schedule your social media posts, blog posts, and so on.
  • Let customers know about your client’s availability.
  • Bring an exact list of the website’s visitors and reach them via Email, Live Chat, or any other messenger. 
  • Track the way of a link from a post and get instant data about how much revenue the link rendered.

In brief, Odoo makes social media more comprehended and alive.

Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking automation lets the whole team understand precisely how long different types of business operations take. It gives a possibility to set up the most appropriate time for various business processes and prioritize them. Such apps boost employee engagement and their progress in understanding the business value and their input to the business process. Odoo Timesheet and the Timesheet Mobile apps are excellent for tracking time spent on diverse tasks and documenting how much money you earn and spend per project. 

Thus, no matter what problem the business faces, the functionality of the Odoo will definitely help overcome it. Because, even if you cannot choose a solution for your business from existing apps, you can always hire the team to develop the application for your particular needs and integrate it with Odoo. The Solvve team will be happy to help you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We’ll cover you with all the information you need. 

Why Solvve App Development Team?

Dedicated Team

Our developers work on all projects of any complexity, reducing overlaying of your time zone so that you can intercommunicate in real-time with no difficulties.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Our policy is not just to create a perfect app for your comfortable usage but also to ask the right questions, suggestions, and procedures to assure the highest ROI.

100% Quality Assurance

We guarantee high-quality service by supplying access to a project collaboration tool with live time tracking.