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Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise

A man works at a computer in a warehouse and chooses between Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise

In all the modern business spheres, it’s vital to control all the management systems with a unified, automated, and customized approach. This task can’t be solved effectively without installing an effective ERP system. Today, one of the best and most effective ERP system is Odoo, an open-source platform providing business management tools for various tasks. Odoo ERP system are categorized into open-source (Community) and private software (Enterprise). There are several contrasts between Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise, including modules, prices, support and hosting, updates’ implementations, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at the pros and cons of each Odoo version.

Odoo Modules Policy

To analyze the differences between Community and Enterprise Odoo versions, we can start with some basic parts. Enterprise software relates to a system with encrypted code, and Community software is a system with code available to the public. It means that the Enterprise version you can get only on a payment basis by subscribing to its services. Odoo Community is entirely free, and the client can use it for an unlimited period, provided that it is hosted on his server.

By choosing Odoo Enterprise, the clients get a modern, flexible, user-friendly ERP and hosting, cloud storage, companies support, as well as access to unique modules developed specifically for this version of Оdoo. Each of these modules includes many additional submodules and has a variety of configurations and great functionality.

At the same time, when choosing modules, the client should pay attention to the fact that some of them are not free, and others may contain not-free submodules. They can only be used on a monthly basis. And this means that the subscription to such modules will affect the final cost of services. Also, choosing one or another module, you should be careful that some modules cannot work without each other. In such cases, it is necessary to buy both, even if you do not need the second one. For instance, the eCommerce module and the Website module.

Companies can continue to use Оdoo Enterprise only if regularly renewing the subscription. If the subscription is not renewed, access will be closed within a month. Therefore, it is crucial to find a way to save data during this period, for example, by organizing a quick transition to the Odoo Community. Odoo Community, being completely free, doesn’t have such risks.

Odoo Enterprize modules

Оdoo Enterprise clients can also download modules from the Odoo Apps Store. This shop offers a wide range of paid and free modules. These modules can be purchased or installed for free and further integrated into Odoo, as well as customized according to the needs. The cost and terms of using modules from the Odoo Apps Store depend on the module developer. But the main thing is that the user can purchase and install these modules without worrying about the increased monthly fee in the future: you pay once, and they become yours.

Оdoo Community users can upload the modules from the Odoo Apps Store too, on the same terms with Odoo Enterprise. And additionally, there is a special Odoo Community Shop where are many modules developed by Odoo Community Association specially for the Odoo Community users’ needs. Many of these modules are very similar to modules from Odoo Enterprise, and many others are unique solutions. An essential advantage of this store is that most of these modules are free! In general, Odoo offers a choice of more than 1000 paid and free modules of various configurations and for the needs of multiple businesses.

It should also be noted that if the Community version user needs a module available only for the Enterprise version, then such a module can be obtained in two ways: by subscribing to the Odoo Enterprise and obtaining the desired module, or by hiring the development team to design this module. Also, Odoo lets clients contact a third-party developer and order the design of the missing functionality, modification of purchased modules, or integration of any other services with Odoo.

Warehouse with people managed by Odoo Community

Odoo Updating Policy

Another critical thing to consider when choosing between Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise is the transition to an updated version of Odoo. Odoo periodically releases updated versions with improved functionality and advanced services. Odoo Enterprise clients upgrade to the new version with the help of the Odoo support team. For it, the client leaves a request about the desire to upgrade his Odoo to the latest version and then follows the recommendation of the support service. But if the Enterprise client has integrated third-party services, then the Odoo support service won’t be able to help to combine them with the new version. Another disadvantage is that the period of Odoo support is limited in time and apply only to the last few versions of the Odoo. Therefore, after the release of a new version, the company must quickly decide on the update, despite such a transition is not always possible, taking into account the availability of resources for it, the ability to allocate time and hire a team for reconfiguration.

At the same time, for the Community version, updating doesn’t depend on the support team and clients are free to decide when to move to the new version. The company can continue with the old version of Odoo till its functionality does not meet business needs. The transition to the new version itself is also quite simple. It’s assumed that the user can do it by downloading the transition code on the Odoo website or contacting an IT company for support. At the same time, integration with third-party functionality will most likely need the support of developers in both versions of Odoo.

In general, if we compare these two versions in the context of price/services, we will see that by choosing Odoo Enterprise, together with a wide range of services, we get a quite high price. At the same time, despite some limitations in services with Оdoo Community, we get a free ERP, a wide choice of modules, and the chance to pay for needed modules only.

Based on the above, the best solution seems to be the choice of a completely independent Odoo Community. For many reasons:

– You buy only those services you need; you can choose from many free services.

– You pay only once and do not incur monthly costs; you will not be affected by the price increases.

– You get technical support on time and on your terms.

– You make changes when you need to.

– You are not limited in making modifications and can order customized solutions.

Moreover, if a company finds a trustworthy Odoo developer with good experience, the Community version would supply clients with a more significant range of benefits. Such pros as individual company support, prompt issue solution, possible risk evaluation, and safe data integration would become easier than the Enterprise version.

To find the best Odoo version suitable for all the company business processes, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you to find the solution.