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Perfect for Any Business Size

  • Helping start-ups and new players on the market to crystalize their ideas into action plans.
  • Delivering market and competitor research to specify your unique business proposition.
  • Turn this knowledge into a specific action plan to get your product to the market.
  • Boosting and customizing existing businesses through technologies.

Working with Requirements

  • Defining key functionality of a product.
  • Verifying hypotheses through user and competitor research.
  • Decreasing the number of errors in decision making.
  • Providing faster return on investment.
  • Working with user stories, use cases, or schemes to describe the perspective of each stakeholder.

Prototypes of Any Complexity

  • Drafting basic schematic monochrome rendering of screens with components.
  • Identifying potential inconsistencies in design.
  • Verifying product feasibility.
  • Creating clickable full-color prototypes fully imitating a real application.
  • Drafting style guides.
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Benefits of our business analysts:

  • 01

    In-depth analysis

    Fast and thorough evaluation of your business ideas, including assessment of positioning within different domains and industries, the current state of things and the future development trajectories, target audiences and customer pools, etc.

  • 02

    Prioritizing features

    Defining and prioritizing needs and formulating goals based on in-depth analysis. Experienced BAs are better at handling and prioritizing features and development tasks.

  • 03

    Defining requirements

    Drafting system requirements specifying all entities of the product and its functionality. A professionally written functionality description provides a more accurate assessment for further development stages. You will be able to redistribute resources or finances when necessary. Correctly drawn technical specifications based on BA’s experience and technical knowledge save product delivery times, guarantees that the team meets the deadlines, and protects the budget from misallocation.

  • 04

    Settling issues

    Effectively settling controversial issues during the development and to accommodate additional needs and requirements that might come up during the development stage.

  • 05

    Quality control

    Making sure that the project sticks to the initial agreements and that terms and conditions of it are not violated. Skilled BAs on the project are crucial to correctly assess if the product meets agreed specifications at every development stage and to carry out acceptance according to these specifications.