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Cloud-Native Solutions

Our engineers are experienced in working with the most popular platforms to help you scale your business - AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

CI/CD Approach

Continuous integration and delivery allows to constantly integrate new features and test them at the same time. We deliver within minutes compared to typical delivery within hours or days.

Site Reliability Engineering

Controlling every technical aspect and stage of a product development from storage of the source code to delivery methods to minimize failure rates.

Infrastructure as a Code

Decreases costs and risks while increasing operation speed by removing manually performed tasks and configurations as well as downtimes associated with human errors.

Configuration and Release Management

With the emphasis on product ownership and accountability, DevOps model reduces risks at the deployment stage by thorough testing, prioritization of bug fixes, and frequent update releases.


Maximum automation of all the processes leading to faster, more stable, predictable and reproducible results for any product build or deploy.

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Benefits of having Cloud and DevOps engineers:

  • 01

    Better teamwork

    Speeding up the development by overcoming misunderstandings among developers, testers, and other participants, which also improves the final product quality thanks to well-adjusted processes within the team.

  • 02


    Making sure that repositories, deployment scripts and other assets on the project are correctly named and standardized to avoid disruptions during the development process.

  • 03

    Faster performance

    DevOps engineers can analyze the entire scope of tasks fast and effectively compared to traditional approaches and then unfold the system within a minimum time frame in any environment minimizing time to market to several hours.

  • 04

    Modular architecture

    After finishing two sprints, we submit the report on the works performed, and conduct an online demonstration of the implemented functional features. Starting within the first weeks of development, you can “handle” the product.