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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We help to boost your business performance and automate business processes.
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Data Science

  • Identify the most valuable insights about your business based on statistical data.
  • Perform client segmentation, credit scoring or assess their trustworthiness with high precision for flexible control of interest rates.
  • Optimize your processes based on mathematical modeling and data analysis.

Computer Vision

  • Identify, recognize and sort objects, actions and people in pictures and videos.
  • Boost your security with facial and action recognition via cameras to prevent crimes or violent behaviour.
  • Unload personnel by automating document workflow or outsourcing supervision over examination supervision to algorithms.


  • Get precise estimates about the business development even if there is few or no historical data for your brand.
  • Create recommendation systems for your social platforms or online shops.
  • Analyse and predict your customer behaviour to boost engagement and satisfaction rates.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Classify, sort, generate, or analyze voluminous texts for business and research purposes.
  • Create chatbots that communicate in a most human-like manner and act as a support or sales representative.
  • Perform sentiment analysis or stylometry, transform speech to text or automatically recognise voices.
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Benefits of our ML and AI team

  • 01

    Our experts

    Mathematicians and development experts with academic backgrounds in relevant fields of knowledge.

  • 02

    Managers and leads

    Experienced and tech-savvy project managers and team leaders.

  • 03

    Delivering in time

    Proven track of successfully delivered projects over different business domains: education, healthcare, security.

  • 04

    Huge knowledge backpack

    Knowledge of most popular and required tools: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure Auto ML, Amazon SageMaker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PowerBI, BERT, Flask.