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Mobile and Web Development

We build state-of-the-art applications to help you extend your online presence.
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Native Development

  • Creating custom intuitively easy-to-use mobile applications with clearcut design for specific operating systems.
  • Releases without additional syncing with built-in device applications because native applications have direct access to all software functions of your mobile device, including microphone, camera, GPS, address book, and so on.
  • Native apps work faster, have smoother interface animation, outperform analogues in stability and do not drain the device battery or consume its memory.

Cross-Platform and Full-stack Development

  • Best solution for launching startup projects and testing your ideas without spending too much time and money on app development for each platform.
  • Get one application that performs equally well both on iOS and Android.
  • 2x faster and cheaper development compared to native applications since you do not need developers knowing several different languages to cover several different platforms.

Custom Website Development

  • Get your custom web solution with expanded functionality to support your startup or existing business that allow to bring any of your business ideas to life.
  • Guaranteed high-performance thanks to optimized site functionality. Your site works faster, has better protection, and is ready for further improvements and modernization.
  • Turn-key solutions for scalable and failsafe systems with complex functionality: user portals and different types of user cabinets, admin panels to manage user portals.
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Benefits of working with our developers:

  • 01

    Full control

    Based on agile methodology and SCRUM framework every 2 weeks we set up a demo of the results. The team collects your feedback, analyzes risks and issues, closes the sprint, and further optimizes the development process. This is a step-by-step (sprint-by-sprint) iterative process that repeats itself until the development is ready.

  • 02

    Flexibility in planning

    You carry out the task planning, define the priority and approve the terms together with the head of the project. Every day the head of the project holds meetings with the team checking upon the dynamics of work, as well as the difficulties and problem solving methods during the development.

  • 03

    Transparency and control

    You can control the quality of the code and the testing process to understand the volume of the tasks performed within a specific period. This enables you to have the relevant versions of the project code available. All the information is placed in the personal account of the version control system BitBucket.

  • 04

    Contact with the product

    After finishing two sprints, we submit the report on the works performed, and conduct an online demonstration of the implemented functional features. Starting within the first weeks of development, you can “handle” the product.