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Manual and automated testing

  • Drafting quality test cases that save man-hours of work and spare engineers from reading tons of documentation.
  • Iterative manual checkup according to test cases after every sprint to make sure your product complies with the requirements.
  • Polishing the result of manual testing with automated testing making sure the final version of your product is bug-free before its release to the app stores to the end users.

Regression testing

  • Making sure that newly made changes in the code did not impact the existing features negatively and that all features and their versions are compatible.
  • Using continuous integrations and delivery approach. It means that we constantly integrate new features and test them at the same time. It takes several minutes compared to typical delivery within hours or days.
  • Get your build to test a product for yourself after every two sprints.

End-to-end testing

  • Check if the end users follow the designed paths of interaction with your product by imitating their behaviour within the app, e.g. confirming an email address or making an online payment.
  • Making sure that users convert, i.e. they can reach their goal within the app in 2-3 clicks without facing any difficulties.
  • Ensuring that the navigation system is well-rounded, e.g. users can go back or to the home page from any screen, there are no missing buttons or logical dead-ends.

Other types of testing

  • Building systems that can withstand high loads of multiple users accessing the software simultaneously.
  • Ensuring your system works perfectly in the long run under the most realistic operating conditions.
  • Making sure that different parts of the system work correctly as one, including mobile applications, administration panels, websites, third-party applications, and so on.
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Benefits of working with our QA team:

  • 01

    Listing requirements

    Our specialists analyze the various components of the system, often with the direct participation of the developers. According to the analysis of the product specifications, a team of testers develops documentation that will provide complete, comprehensive software testing.

  • 02

    Meticulous planning

    Based on the developed documentation, we plan the deadlines for a test plan and separate tasks in it, select the types of testing, estimate the labor costs, and also plan the procedure for creating the reporting documentation.

  • 03

    Test documentation

    We make the testing process as clear as possible. The test documentation gives a clear idea of the scope and objectives of QA specialists and contains up-to-date detailed information on the progress and results of the work.