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UI/UX Design

We make your brand recognizable and bring your customers the best interaction experience with your product.
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Analysis and research

Strategizing about the potential target audience of your product and its features based on a range of personas we create after running polls and collecting a solid base of replies.

Static prototyping

Creating a set of black and white screens for your future app depicting all of their possible states based on business and technical documentation that describes how the product works.

Tests and journey maps

Creating UX tests and journey maps to define all dead-end scenarios and logical inconsistencies. We make sure these do not happen when the product is ready.

Design system

Create the library of all the elements that will be later used in the interface: buttons, icons, navigation elements, checkboxes, and so on. Designers will draw all the states for all of these elements.

Clickable prototyping

Creating a full-color mock-up of a future app that will be working exactly like a real one to have a real feel of what it would be like interacting with the final product.

Style guides

Compiling all the color schemes, patterns, fonts, icons, and other branded content used in the final product. Having a style guide makes it faster and easier to create more screens or change something in design if necessary in the future.

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Benefits of our UI/UX designers:

  • 01

    Fast conversion

    Users should be able to achieve their goal in the app with a minimal number of actions. Such an approach guarantees that the app is comfortable and easy to use. Otherwise, users might choose apps from the competitors.

  • 02

    No logical dead-ends

    Each screen always leads users either to previous screens or helps to finish the action and go back to the home screen. When navigation is poor, it is easy to get confused or irritated and abandon your product. We make products that users like to use regularly.

  • 03

    Native compliant apps

    Apps are native compliant for both iOS and Android. We create intuitive interfaces that are easy for non-experienced users to figure out at once. We help you create apps that retain users and make them want to interact with the app every day even if they have little to no experience.

  • 04

    Unique design

    All apps are theme-specific and unique. We create all designs from scratch helping your product to look fresh, attract users’ eyes, and stand out on the market.