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How Outsourcing Can Help Businesses to Survive in the Pandemic Era

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COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly shaken many individual companies and whole industries, especially those relying on in-person contact with their customers. And while many organizations still have not fully “recovered from this shock”, the new wave of Coronavirus appears to be spreading all across the globe. It seems that the virus is moving faster than we can adapt vaccines. Yet, we truly believe that businesses can adapt new technologies faster to survive. No pun intended. 

The companies that kept afloat after the first wave have begun to think about how to live in the new reality where digitalization business is an integral part of one’s business strategy. And today, SOLVVE is going to tell you about outsourcing and how it can help businesses to deal with the pandemic era and get used to the environment of remote work, minimal in-person interactions, and shrinking budgets.

How Outsourcing Can Help Businesses to Survive in the Pandemic Era

The key issue that COVID-19 pandemic has brought to business is getting companies equipped for remote work with a fewer number of employees while maintaining smooth delivery of goods and services. Outsourcing for businesses is a great way to reduce production costs by allowing outer contractors to solve one’s functional and development tasks. As a bonus, outsourcing will also allow you to get more qualified staff to deal with a number of very specific tasks that require special expertise and skills compared to hiring in-house employees. Here is a list of benefits you can reap from outsourcing your work. 

No Need for Lay-Offs

Many organizations are struggling with maintaining employment for their current staff resulting in pay cuts either through direct slashes or through adjustments of workload and schedule. It leads to difficult choices of top-management in terms of who will be left behind if a company is to make such a decision. At the same time, companies have a clear understanding that online presence is the future of their business.

Juggling more tasks with fewer people is a nightmare. That is why outsourcing parts of work that your current human resources can’t handle on their own is a great way to fight payment cuts, overworking your team, or laying someone off. One may ask what difference will outsourcing make if you still need a certain amount of people to do a certain amount of work. The answer is your total check for outsourced tasks will still be considerably lower. And here is why.

Financial Benefits and Pricing Flexibility

There are plenty of regions and countries you can outsource to. The combination of local labor costs, tax incentives, and highly skilled people make outsourcing an attractive option for companies with tight budgets. 

Moreover, you take off your shoulders such spendings as sick leaves, insurances, vacation coverage, pension plans, and many others which otherwise is your company’s responsibility when hiring full-time in-house employees. For example, you can contact us to get estimates for your project in terms of budget and time-to-market delivery.

At this point, you can also reasonably ask why outsourcing will speed up time-to-market if the amount of work that needs to be done remains the same. Thanks to specifics of the operations of outsourcing companies.

Skilled Staff With a Lot of Experience

Let us imagine you need a mobile app for your business. However, you will immediately stumble over lots of questions that usually are out of your scope of operations. How long does it take to make an app? Do I also need a web app? What kind of team should be working on it? Do I hire an entire team or only a few specialists? How many specialists and from which areas do I need? How do I manage a software development project? And so on, and so forth.

The big benefit of outsourcing here is that what makes new uncharted grounds for you is routine to the specialized companies. In the case of apps, IT outsourcing companies are your number one choice. They already have done similar projects many times, their staff is specifically profound in software development and related technologies, their project managers and business analysts have gone through the same cycle of ideas breakdowns and building them up to a viable product so many times that they are able to provide you an in-depth analysis of what all the resources you will need and all the roadblocks you might face.

For the same reason outsourcing companies are also good at optimizing your costs, because they already know what will and will not work saving you from paying for work that might end up discarded. Moreover, outsourcing companies are very good at remote work and continuous reporting unloading this burden from your shoulders so that you can spend more time on strategic planning.

To Conclude

Using outsourcing can really help businesses to survive in the pandemic era. It is a sound step to make even if you have never taken it before. On the one hand, you increase the efficiency of your team by unloading a significant portion of work off them. On the other hand, you save costs while getting the same outcome. And there is absolutely no need to compromise the trust of your team with lay-offs or payment cuts. Thus, if you have any questions about outsourcing or would like to outsource your IT project, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s get down to business together!