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New Features in Odoo 16

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Odoo has come a really long way from small ERP software to one of the best ERP systems out there. Now, it’s a full-fledged open-source ERP suite with 16 versions under its belt, where each new one brought significant changes and improvements. The regular updates make Odoo more feature-rich, user-friendly, and customizable. And the 16th edition is no exception. It has raised the bar very high, rolling out some excellent features and bringing advancements to its modules. So, if you’re after a streamlined and improved experience, let’s check the new features of Odoo V16 (Odoo version 16) and how businesses can benefit from it.

About Odoo 16 in General

Odoo 16 was released in October 2022 and claimed to become the quickest and the most advanced version of all its predecessors. Does it live up to its hype? We bet yes. It really boasts a number of enhancements, including improved module performance, faster operating speed, and elevated user experience. 

The most prominent user-friendly features have been incorporated in Odoo 16 to streamline major business processes like accounting, manufacturing, marketing, and employee management. To be more precise, Odoo has undergone the following major updates for a seamless user experience: 

  • The command bar section was modified to become even more intuitive. 
  • The user interface of the command bar was also advanced.
  • Numerous dashboard views were replaced with “dashboard actions and views”.
  • The backend page began to load 3.7 times faster than before.
  • The E-commerce module and Website module now load the controller 2.7 times faster.

Yet, these new updates just scratch the surface of Odoo 16 innovations. And below, we are going to get deeper into the other advancements the new version has brought to us. 

Odoo 15 vs Odoo 16

New Knowledge Module

Odoo 16 was enhanced with a new module – the Knowledge module. This app allows companies to share knowledge within different departments. You simply create a document and allow authorized users to check it within the Odoo system. 

This way, users can spread articles, business proposals, product/service descriptions or product/service sales pitches across the organization, as well as manage SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Plus, users can sort out their documents based on Favorites, Workspaces, and Private.

Simply put, the Knowledge module works like a mini library and provides a new way for companies to capture valuable knowledge and share it with the staff. And by streamlining all documents in one place, you will eventually achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

Brief summary – the Knowledge Module lets:

  • Add documents and images.
  • Create message templates that can be further used in other modules.
  • Create guidelines and reports that you’ll be able to reuse at any time.
Odoo 16 new features

Other Module Upgrades

Speaking about other Odoo apps, many modules received some new features and upgrades as well. 

Accounting Module

The Accounting Module has undergone many notable changes – it has been enhanced with new tools and features. For instance, the ‘Warning/alert‘ function now lets you control customer credit limitations and invoicing. Also, you can import COA, contacts, entries, and other info from the Accounting module to Odoo’s integrated system. Additionally, the updated Accounting module provides clear instructions on how to make an invoice. 

Besides that, the top enhancements include:

  • Possibility to generate Intrastat reports for a quicker validation process.
  • Improved Journal audit reports.
  • Exclusive features like new bank reconciliation, multi-currency matching, and accounting imports.
  • Credit limit warning for sales and invoices. 
  • Enhanced UX, simplified cancellations, and accurate calculations.
  • OCR option to create invoices for clients and customers.
  • The new auto-complete feature.
  • The addition of the accounting import section and ‘sent money’ section.
Odoo 16 accounting module

Manufacturing Module (MRP Module)

The manufacturing module can also boast a wealth of useful features. First and foremost, it offers better manufacturing management and more organized planning (the MRP module enables users to deftly combine and divide manufacturing orders). And by using the link provided with the Sales Order, you may now follow the status of the production process. 

New improvements include: 

  • All manufacturing orders can be divided and merged.
  • Customers may use the provided URL to check the status of the manufacturing order.
  • The ability to delegate production registration to subcontractors.
  • Simplified import/export forecasts.

Inventory Module

With Odoo 16, the Inventory module has received a series of improvements too. The major ones include upgraded delivery ways and force back-order options. Instead of canceling an order each time a product is marked as “out of stock”, companies now have the option to initiate a backorder and get the product from the main supplier. And the best part is that Odoo 16 can handle such orders automatically! Hence, less confusion and higher efficiency.

The main enhancements are:

  • Automated batching and improved shipping methods.
  • Upgraded tools for calculating and estimating the visibility days left to restock inventory for goods or replenishment orders.
  • Improved postcode filter.
  • Addition of force scan functionality.
  • Pick and count.
  • Revamped menu and reports.
Odoo 16 Inventory module

Purchase Module

The Purchase app also benefited from several upgrades introduced by the Odoo 16 version. The “call for tender” feature has been redesigned and now it lets you generate an alternative RFQ to get multiple options and choose the best one.

Updates in the Purchase module:

  • Improved “Call for Tender” option.
  • The appearance of commercial invoices that meet business standards.
  • Shipping insurance.
  • Real-time sales and purchase order tracking.
  • Management of discount codes, coupons, and sales promotions from one place.
  • Expected date of arrival when creating RFQ.

Marketing Module

Odoo has also improved the marketing module to provide even more visibility into customer services and smoother onboarding procedures. The module renders powerful e-mail marketing functions, enabling users to create custom e-mail templates according to their business needs. In addition, accessing e-mail addresses and other contact info will be easier.

E-mail marketing updates:

  • Opportunity to create unique email templates (you can also modify templates designed earlier).
  • Ability to enhance mailing images with shapes.
  • Marketing filters for segmenting audiences.
  • Sorting of scheduled and sent emails in chronological order.
  • 24/7 stat mailing reporting.

Social marketing improvements:

  • Ability to retweet so as to increase your social media visibility.
  • Easier creation of leads from any social media content.
  • An opportunity to check who created streams and linked accounts.
Odoo 16 marketing module

HR Module

The HR module has seen the changes with the Odoo 16 release as well. The main updates are:

  • The addition of the “refuse-to-sign” feature.
  • Simplified access to employees’ performance and some other data.
  • Ability to change or alter a worker’s assigned role.
  • The introduction of a brand new “Stress Day” feature (shows the priority tasks).
  • Easier tracking of allocations, leave days, and time offs. 
  • A default auto signature option.
  • The improved mobile layout of the app. 
Odoo 16 HR module

Website Module

The website builder has got some important enhancements with the latest Odoo version. The main perk is that Odoo 16 has finally incorporated the front-end and back-end of the Website module, thereby, providing a better user experience and allowing for more customization. 

Apart from that, the new features are as follows: 

  • Access to a wide range of tools, enabling you to customize the website as you wish.
  • No need for refreshing when configuring a website page.
  • More grouping and filtering options on the page.
  • Access the new analytics tool for SaaS users.
  • A floating icon for live chat.
  • Scrolling animations.
  • A separate building block for managing social media.

Other Changes

Besides the aforementioned changes, it should be noted that other spheres of the revised Odoo ERP have also undergone some modifications. Some eCommerce apps have been boosted and now B2B companies can:

  • Request a Price.
  • Encourage catalog retailers.
  • Benefit from bulk photo upload and alter the order of the photos after uploading.
  • Compare prices.
  • Display UOM.
  • Benefit from One-Click Checkout.

Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts now are unified and can be controlled from one centralized Odoo platform. They are suitable for POS, Sales Orders, and eCommerce apps.

Among other things, it’s worth mentioning that Sales Reports are now available in multiple currencies, which means sales can be automatically revalued according to daily exchange rates. 

Rental App in Odoo 16 finally went online. So, if you own a rental center, your clients will be able to book cars or whatever products online. You just determine the day and time suitable for collection and delivery.

The Chatbot with multiple answers entered the Odoo. The chatbot became much more advanced owing to the “questions and decisions tree” functionality. 

The E-learning module is now backed with Vimeo.

Wrapping Up

Of course, all the great Odoo 16 new features don’t end here. There are much more improvements to help you streamline your workflow. For detailed info, you may contact our team and decide whether you’re looking to install Odoo 16 for the first time or migrate from the earlier versions to the new one. Let’s find out what you need to get the best experience ever!