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Odoo Аpps for Your Business Success

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Almost all fast-growing entrepreneurs currently view Odoo as a new tech innovation that can be really beneficial for their business. What’s the catch? Odoo offers really useful apps for solving business problems in various fields including Management, Accounting, Marketing, Social Media, and so on. Actually, those companies that would like to progress and keep up with the latest technologies should definitely consider applying ERP business solutions.

Odoo ERP System: Key Characteristics

  • Odoo ERP system helps customers all across the globe with its extensive collection of software applications for business management and growth. This ERP deftly combines CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, and HRMS apps. 
  • The dedicated team regularly offers new Odoo unique modules to enhance business operations. In addition, the Odoo team performs business requirement analysis and develops “fresh” modules according to the ever-changing market needs. 
  • Odoo module integration helps businesses by offering tremendous support in managing the supply chain, customer relations, human resources management, and other operations.

In addition, a company using Odoo can effectively perform human resources management tasks by integrating Timesheets, Employees, Recruitment, Attendance, Time Off, Approvals, and Payroll modules of Odoo.

What is notable, Odoo significantly differs from other ERP systems. Being an Odoo client means that you are free to choose and install any module suitable for your business – you can purchase only those modules you really need and then buy others additionally upon request.  

With that, you can also ask for some system changes. Highly-qualified Odoo developers  are always ready to suggest the best system improvements for your very company and consult about any possible installation risks. 

Top Benefits in Details

Nowadays, the demand for the Odoo system is increasing every single day. Why do so many companies prefer Odoo management software over all the others? According to users’ feedback, the main reasons are:

High Customization

Odoo ERP is pretty flexible to suit almost all users’ requirements. Owing to the rich module choice, almost everyone can find something for their specific business needs.

All-in-one Solution

Odoo ERP is an all-in-one software covering e-Commerce, CRM, billing, accounting, project management, and many other aspects. The main Odoo components include more than 3000 community modules and the OpenObject framework.

Rich Set of Features

In addition, OpenObject offers a comprehensive and modular toolset for fast installation of applications: integrated Object-Relationship Mapping (ORM) support, template-based Model-View-Controller (MVC) interfaces, automated internationalization, etc.

No-fee Alternative

No denying, the initial installation and maintenance of Odoo is not that cheap (as any other ERP system is). However, there is an absolutely free Odoo Community version, allowing users to try Odoo features without the need to pay any fees.

Ways to Engage Employees with Odoo Apps

The Main Odoo Features

To help you get a better understanding of Odoo’s perks, we’d like to put emphasis on the most popular Оdoo apps and main Odoo features.

Task Management App

Task Management App may be particularly useful for those companies that have troubles with time management and organization. The Task Management app offers such cool features as Task Creation and Checklist Tasks. The app also enables project managers to set up high-priority/low-priority tasks, etc.

It may be really indispensable for companies that would like to make the workflow smoother and track the time devoted to each task. Actually, using the Odoo Task Management app is similar to having a personal assistant that is available 24/7.

Accounting App

The Accounting Odoo app has nearly everything to boost your business processes. That is to say, the application can:  

  • Sync all bank accounts automatically;
  • Make professional invoices and manage recurring billings;
  • Assist in planning all the vital tasks;
  • Automate about 95% of balance thanks to the smart balancing tool;
  • Manage supplier invoices and get a precise prediction of your future expenses. 

Fees App

By using the Odoo Fees app, you will definitely increase your overall business efficiency. The app is able to import and rank your bank operations (digital receipts can be automatically recorded in the app). 

So, whether you deal with office supply expenses, travel fees, or any other charge, you’ll have instant access to all receipts. All the data is automated. 

Odoo Email Marketing App

The E-Marketing automation app by Odoo allows you to build truly awesome campaigns even if you have no prior IT knowledge.  Just select a preferable template, readjust the layout, add your message and you’re good to go.  Also, you can enrich your e-mails with titles, images, calls-to-action, and social media buttons simply by dragging and double-clicking on the content.

Odoo Social Media App

The Social Marketing Odoo app helps a company to manage its social media channels. By installing the app, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Schedule your social media posts, blog posts, and the like.
  • Let customers find out whether their client is available or not.
  • Bring an exact list of the website’s visitors and reach them via e-mail, live chat, or any other messenger. 
  • Track the way of a link from a post and get instant data about how much revenue the link rendered.

From all this, it’s easy to see that Odoo can really make social media more lively. 

Time Tracking Apps

Odoo’s time tracking apps give a great opportunity to set up accurate time for various business tasks and prioritize them if needed.  With that, Odoo Timesheet and Odoo Timesheet Mobile apps are excellent not only for tracking the time spent on various tasks but also for tracking how much money was earned/spent per project. 

The Hunger for More?

If, for some reason, you can’t find a solution for your business from the offered apps, you can always turn to Solvve App Development team which can create an application tailored to your particular requirements and integrate it with Odoo. So, should you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Solvve. 

The company offers high-quality service and guarantees 100% quality assurance. Experienced specialists are ready to take on challenges and eager to work on a project of any complexity. With that, Solvve provides access to a unique project collaboration tool with a live time tracking feature so that you can always be aware of the progress.