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The Odoo Contact Management Module. Everything You Should Know in 2022

A lot of people working with odoo contacts in a big office.

Managing communication with clients and vendors is what you need to help your business thrive. Efficient contact management is vital for any company since as the business grows, it becomes harder to keep track of your contacts. Luckily, the Odoo ERP system has come up with a very convenient solution for managing contacts – the Contact Management module. This module can help you easily manage the contact info of both your customers and employees. And many more. 

What Does The Contact Management Module Include?

In the Contact Management module, you’ll be able to add the following details on the list:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address and some other information. 

Contacts can also be determined by indicating the individuals’ “status” (sales representatives, customers, buyers, employees, and others). Plus, the latest Odoo versions let you add more details to the individual profiles, such as special notes about the contact, payment terms, account numbers, price list, fiscal positions, etc.

Additional add-ons also include:

  • Task / Activity Management.
  • Territory & Quota Management.
  • List Management.
  • Accounting Management, etc.

Effective People Management

Odoo has no rivals when it comes to systems that can help companies to organize a well-handled management system. 

For instance, you can simply invite people from your contact list to join a meeting with your team. You won’t even need to use a calendar option. Yet, if you already have pre-planned events in your Google calendar (or any other one), you can easily synchronize all the data with Odoo.

Speaking about the other perks, you can apply various filters to find the required data faster. Due to Odoo Contact Management, you can see all the activities linked with a particular contact (personal information, forthcoming meetings, etc).

Customer – Relation Management

The Odoo Contact Management module also gives users a great opportunity to handle the company’s customers’ info with ease. All the data on business activities and cash operations are sorted and kept according to the related contacts. 

Installation Tips

When it comes to the installation of the Odoo Contact Management module, different Odoo versions have different module access requirements. So, before implementing the module to your current Odoo version, you should do some research or consult/hire an Odoo developer to get professional help or suggestions.

Secondly, before implementing a Contact Management module, you should remember that by using this module, you’ll need to configure the basic contact details of suppliers, partners, etc. Applying the Odoo ERP system makes the data automatically flow from one stage of a customer/partner transaction to the next.

Lastly, bear in mind that the Contact Management module should be primarily installed in your Odoo database to employ. If this module is not installed, you should visit the Odoo app store and install it or, again, ask an Odoo developer for assistance. 

To Conclude

From everything mentioned above, it’s easy to see that the Contact Management module is vital for general company management. It can provide any company with well-managed contact info and high-quality data security. By using the Odoo Contact Management module, you will open exclusive opportunities for your business. Just contact us to cover all the questions with our dedicated Odoo developers.