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Software Development Solutions to Deal With Coronavirus Pandemic

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Today, many businesses and whole industries rely on software development solutions. However, that was not always the case before the pandemic as many companies and industries were relying on face-to-face interaction. Lockdowns and social distancing rules have highlighted the acute need for many of them to adjust to the new reality of no-contact operations as well as for new ways of communicating with their partners and customers. In this article, SOLVVE provides an overview of some software development solutions that help to deal with COVID-19 and keep your business afloat.

Software Development Solutions vs. Coronavirus Pandemic


Digitalization became the lifeboat for many companies. Even such in-person types of interaction as education and healthcare had to move to new turf and adapt to the reality of online businesses. In the meantime, those industries and companies that were initially born into the digital, like eCommerce for example, also had to re-organize and adjust to keep up with the changing market landscape during the COVID-19 crisis. 

To name a few, digitalization for businesses means becoming discoverable online, reworking and optimizing their customers’ experience as well as taking care of a culture that will support remote operations for both the team and the customers. Moreover, many businesses are benefiting from having simple and fast-to-develop apps or eye-catching web-pages.


Although telemedicine has a quite long history, the pandemic has fast-forwarded its development. Firstly, electronic health record systems or EHRs are on the rise. Despite the fact that they still have some drawbacks, they are able to drastically improve the processing speed for patient documents and allow medical professionals to dig data and apply approaches based on data science.

Secondly, telemedicine has made professional healthcare closer to people who need home care or simply have no other choice but to rely on remote consultations to observe social distancing and avoid contamination. Moreover, telemedicine provides many opportunities to engage patients by allowing them to pro-actively seek information about their health, add information about symptoms, and monitor their treatment through different apps or via service centers’ chatbots.

Finally, some companies are putting an effort into solutions that work towards predictions of various deceases either for a single individual or for vast outbreaks much like COVID-19 thanks to the power of machine learning. As the technologies keep on advancing, the healthcare industry keeps on evolving as well focusing on preventions rather than ad hoc treatments.


Unfortunately, as the pandemic gained torque many companies have woken up to the harsh reality of a financial crisis. On the one hand, they could not continue relying on the previous business models, on the other – going digital also required certain investments. Unable to resolve the dilemma, companies ended up laying off or even letting go of their employees.

In such a situation, outsourcing brings on several benefits for businesses that cannot afford more staff or overtime payments but also cannot put their operations on hold. First of all, it can help access an educated and qualified workforce. Moreover, it offers flexible pricing schemes depending on one’s needs and budget as well as project complexity while leaving full control of the process in your hands.

To Conclude

For better or worse, the pandemic has pushed many companies to urgently enter the digital sphere, and knowing how to navigate it with proper software development solutions is key to the pandemic market. Thus, if you have any questions or ideas related to software that could contribute to the cause, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s work miracles together.