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Top 8 Successful Companies Using Odoo in 2022

One of the leading ERP systems in the marketplace right now is Odoo. And whereas there are still many companies that have never heard of Odoo before, there are many corporations that already take benefits of Odoo ERP. Actually, there are over 10,000.00 Odoo users worldwide, from small businesses and startup companies to big corporations and large enterprises.

So, if you’ve missed some serious software advantages that can take your ERP processes to a whole new level, you may follow the steps of these giants to make your business processes much smoother. Let’s look at the top companies using Odoo in 2022.

Тoyota (Toyota Material Handling)

Toyota is one of the biggest companies using Odoo ERP. It’s a world-famous manufacturer of the highest-quality cars that set a particular standard for the global market. Recently, its branch called Toyota Material Handling (based in Sweden, Italy, and France) has implemented Odoo in order to manage its distribution network and supplies in Europe. 

Before Odoo, Toyota tried a few ERP systems to keep its business at the highest level while increasing the number of its customers. Yet, it was Odoo who finally brought positive results. 

The Odoo solution was executed rapidly, and after six months of integration, Toyota noticed that:

  • Even though the initial focus was on sales and management of the orders (performed by Odoo Inventory module), Odoo also came in useful for managing the procurement (thanks to Odoo Manufacturing and Odoo Purchase modules);
  • Enhanced ability to invoice customers via the Odoo Accounting module.

Ultimately, the company decided to eventually replace everything with Odoo. The company really appreciates an Odoo system that runs almost all of its operations smoothly.

Delmonte Quality

DelMonte Philippines is a leading manufacturer of food and drinks. By implementing the Odoo system, the company managed to make all distributors’ sell-outs around the country more organized. 

The Odoo all-in-one solution really helped its numerous departments to run all the business processes fluently, with no issues. DelMonte Philippines wished to get as “perfect” modules as possible, so the company ordered customized modules tailored to its very needs: 

  • Distributor Management System; 
  • Purchase Automation Module; 
  • Continuous Replenishment Module; 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Module.

All these modules allow for tracking what products to purchase based on delivery records, order quantity, and other similar data. A great deal, agree?

Sodexo (and Idealis Consulting)

Sodexo is the next company that highly praises Odoo. It’s a popular international company that is known for its unique meal vouchers and in-house lunch services. As for Idealis Consulting, it’s the organization that runs the project for the vending division of Sodexo.

Before Odoo, the companies used to run their business operations with 14 different software products and databases, which naturally led to a great mess. After market research, they have chosen Odoo because they believed it could take a lot of hassle away. A good bet! As a result, the tandem gained 10% in revenues and managed to avoid errors in invoicing. 

It took less than a year to get the Odoo system to significantly improve productivity. The essential purpose of using Odoo for both companies was to establish a centralized system to control the vending machines division, but currently, they use more than six customized Odoo modules for a wide range of applications:

  • Profit centers management.
  • Contracts management.
  • Product management.
  • Purchase.
  • Stock.
  • Invoicing.

The World Wide Fund

It appears that Odoo is a very friendly software not only for users but for nature as well. Recently, Odoo was integrated into The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) system. WWF is the company that keeps trees in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The company installed Odoo to achieve its objectives, including funding plantations growing eucalyptus and encouraging development and agricultural growth. Simply put, the company needed a high-quality and accessible IT infrastructure, and that’s exactly where Odoo came in great use. 

The Odoo system helped the company to achieve its key goals –  to track and manage over 4 million sq. meters of eucalyptus while boosting the report times and advancing the budget controls. Odoo completely satisfied their needs.

Kasetsart University

Meet one of the oldest clients, Kasetsart University. It was founded in 1943 to expand Thailand’s economic affairs and the agriculture industry. The university comprises four campuses and 15 faculties and boasts more than 70,000.00 graduates. 

The university decided to try an Odoo Application Solution to manage its processes and let undergraduate students explore the universe of ERP. That is to say, Odoo ERP is now extensively used for course materials in the “Enterprise Resource Planning System Design and Development” class to show ERP’s evolution and its implementation in other systems. 

Advanced Biological Laboratories

Proceeding with the list of “What famous companies use Odoo”, it’s worth mentioning Advanced Biological Laboratories SA. As the name suggests, it’s a biotechnology corporation created in Luxembourg in 2000. The company’s concept has always remained the same – transformation of disease management. 

After fifteen prosperous years, the company decided that it was high time that it smoothened the overall management flow with a flexible solution that could be adjustable to the specific needs of each field. The Odoo ERP system fitted that bill perfectly.

The Odoo team implemented excellent business solutions necessary for Advanced Biological Laboratories SA, enabling the company to сollaborate efficiently within the system of various departments.

Bazile Telecom

Among other big companies using Odoo, we can highlight Bazile Telecom. It’s a French provider of telecommunication services for older people. It functions as an autonomous virtual mobile operator for seniors – it uses its proprietary network along with its proprietary “simplified” mobile phones tailored to the requirements of the elderly.

Аfter 15 years of existence, the company decided to implement the innovative Odoo ERP to keep up with the times. By doing so, Bazile Telecom got the best solution for organizing all the clients’ databases and managing new offers. 

With the help of Odoo, HR Management, Accounting, and Sales processes became much more efficient within the Bazile Telecom company. 

Qatar Investment Authority

Founded in 2005, the Qatar Investment Authority is a state-owned holding company that can now be described as a sovereign wealth fund. The Qatar Investment Authority specializes in domestic and foreign investment, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one day the company faced a challenge – it needed to collect all the contact information from global prospects in one place while keeping the confidential data safe. That’s where Odoo came to the rescue. 

With professional Odoo support, the company got an opportunity to oversee, monitor, track, control, and manage all its contacts with no security concerns. The result? Accelerated workflow, expansion of partners, forecasting of future campaigns, and many other perks.


Summing up, we can say that more and more industries are now moving towards Odoo, and there are numerous companies that use Odoo today. Businesses of any size, budget, and specialization increasingly take advantage of the Odoo system. From this, it’s easy to conclude that boasting more than 30 core applications (which are regularly expanded), Odoo is definitely one of the most sought-after ERPs in the world today. 

So, if you’d like to make your business far easier to manage and far more organized, just contact us to find out more about the Odoo system and how to implement it into your company within the shortest time possible and with the minimum effort required from you.