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Trends of 2022 in UI and UX Design

A young artist woman uses a smartphone and a laptop

It is crucial to understand that when introducing a new brand to the market, consumers are going to evaluate it as a whole. Thus, one must pay attention to each particular component of a product or service to create a wholesome impression and experience for the end-users. In this article, SOLVVE is going to take a very close look at what is trending in 2022 in UI and UX design to give you some useful tips about how to make your product more appealing. 

Asymmetrical layouts and split screens

Stemming from a rather practical approach of providing different types of information in distinctly different areas known as blocks, split screens and asymmetry came to serve the same purpose but with a twist. Asymmetrical layouts and splits can help your design to stand out and draw attention as well as help to convey dynamics or motion of what you are presenting. Surely, creating such layouts takes extra time and requires a lot of experience from a designer. However, in a highly competitive world where everyone is fighting for the attention of the users, an unusual but well-balanced layout certainly helps businesses to appeal to potential clients.

Trends of 2022 in UI and UX design: a screenshot of GQ Japan webpage with an asymmetrical layout
GQ Japan web catalogue with an asymmetrical layout

UX writing 

If design is an inseparable part of a wholesome product, then UX writing is an inseparable part of a UI and UX design in 2022. The trend that started to crystallize from other forms of copywriting during the past years has now become a major trend. Understanding how to impact the user experience with the right words and microcopy boosts conversions as people have a clear view of what the product can do and how they can benefit from it. Marina Posniak is explaining how she helped to make Spotify an amazing app that it is creating stunning UX writing for this streaming service.

Trends of 2022 in UI and UX design: UX writing example by Marina Posniak
Marina Posniak and her UX writing revisions for Spotify

Visual storytelling on a full screen

Speaking of copywriting, storytelling is definitely the heart of it. But it is also integral to the UI and UX design. Since all of us humans are fluent in interpreting visual signals, an up-to-the-point visuals on a landing page or a clever introduction video helps to create a powerful impression and break language barriers for the international audience. Introducing typography, photos, color schemes, animation or interactive elements helps not only to convey information but also to set the mood and evoke specific emotions in your potential customers.

Here is how the town of Misato in Shimane prefecture of Japan introduces its cultural heritage in full-screen mode to the website visitors. You might not speak the language, but you get the vibe of the place and can understand what is there to see in this historical place by looking only at the amazing animation.


As it has already been said above, users are constantly bombarded by the information of all kinds, each trying to grab several precious seconds of their attention to convey the message. In this noise people’s attention gets dispersed since processing information takes time and mental effort. The more elements you have the lower the chances that each element will get a proper amount of focussed mind presence from the customer.

Thus, “less is more” principle or the negative space, is an oldie but goldie when it comes to talking to your potential clients. Leaving the bare minimum on a screen to guide the viewer’s attention to what is crucial leaves a lot of space for viewers themselves to fill up and interpret. Paragraph spaces, empty space on the background, etc. all can serve the purpose to eliminate excessive visual noise and focus on the key strong sides of your product or service.

Look at how Moalej is using this principle to convey all the benefits it offers to its customers with only an icon and a short text. The reader focuses on what is important while their mind can rest in a calm bright space of the webpage that creates a serene atmosphere.

Trends of 2022 in UI and UX design: a screenshot of a Moalej website page that uses whitespace.
Moalej website using whitespace


You are already familiar with this principle even if you cannot at the moment give it a definition. But take out microinteractions from a UX and UI design and you will instantly feel that something very important is missing. Have you ever upvoted anything on Reddit? That was microinteraction. Have you pressed a like button or swiped through the gallery? That was microinteraction. 

Try to roam around SOLVVE website and you will find many microinteractions here to make your browsing experience more comfortable and engaging. For example, check out our minimalistic tags that change their color when you hover over them to discover the topics.

Trends of 2022 in UI and UX design: a screenshot of SOLVVE webpage using microinteractions.
ML/AI tag of SOLVVE blog

Options to make your product appealing are endless, but staying in trend gives you a competitive advantage through better engagement for your clients. Thus, if you have any questions or ideas related to trends 2022 in UI and UX design for your project, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us make this happen!